10 Benefits of Integrating DISC Training into your Organization

10 Benefits of Integrating DISC Training Into Your Organization

According to Training Magazine, US training expenditures in 2018 were approximately $87.6 billion, with an average training budget for a small company being $234,850 annually. This type of spending shows that many businesses believe in the effectiveness of developing their workforce through corporate training programs. While there is some validity to the argument, not all corporate training programs are effective. There is also the other side to the story in which it might not actually be the training or trainer, but how well the principles are adopted by the company and employees themselves.

The effectiveness of training is generally correlated with the willingness of the participants and top-down adoption within the corporate culture.

When you have a corporation with leaders who engage the company in a culture of organizational learning and improvement, they are able to more effectively motivate their team, integrate new principles, and be more open and flexible to change. If your company and leadership team doesn’t value the adoption of new ideas and integrate a culture of employee and company improvement from the top-down, it’s inevitably and eventually going to fail.

DISC training is one type of corporate training that is truly worth more than the cost to implement into an organization.

DISC theory behavioral principles have been around for centuries, and its proven effectiveness means it’s not going away any time soon. DISC is recognizing the observable behaviors of people, and people are the lifeblood of every business, from owner to employee to customer. Each individual’s unique motivators, values, attitudes, and behaviors all play a part in the functioning of the business ecosystem as a whole. If one part of this ecosystem fails, then the whole company fails. Adopting DISC as a universal language within your company culture is not only easy and memorable, but it’s applicable within every department and process from hiring to sales to just getting along with fellow colleagues.Inquire on DISC training for your team today!

Here are 10 benefits of integrating DISC behavioral analysis training into your organization:

Training and development are the preventative medicine that keeps the system changing and improving.

Without the ability for individuals to build upon their strengths and improve their weaknesses, teams will become weak and unstable. Competition for talent is ever-growing and most businesses do not want to lose their best talent to another company or competitor as the price to pay for turnover, especially key positions, is extremely costly.

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