4 Benefits of Predictive Hiring with DISC

4 Benefits of Predictive Hiring with DISC

Hiring is often a manager’s least favorite job. Just because you’re a good manager or business owner doesn’t mean you’re good at hiring new employees. Some personal biases can get in the way and your own weaknesses can result in the wrong match for you, your team, and your business. So, what’s a hiring manager to do? You advertise a position and are flooded with resumes. How do you even start? Here are four ways you can use the power of DISC and PeopleKeys' patented technology for predictive hiring to make your hiring process easier, faster, and more accurate.

1. Narrow down that pile of resumes

There is only so much you can find out about a person on a resume. It’s just a piece of paper that often focuses on skills, education, and previous jobs. While those things are important for the right talent acquisition, they don’t show some of the key attributes you may be looking for in an employee. You can administer the DISC personality assessment to every applicant by sending them a quick link via email. Since there are no right or wrong answers, each candidate can take the assessment online on their own time, saving you hours of pouring through resumes and doing a ton of interviews. Depending on the particular job requirements, DISC results, combined with a performance benchmark, can help you determine whether a candidate has some of the key strengths necessary for the job before you determine who you’d like to bring in for an interview, including taking deadlines seriously, having ambition and drive, taking initiative, or having empathy, just to mention a few. Your investment in your workforce recruitment process should not be wasted on candidates who are not a fit for a particular position. Even if candidates aren't a good fit for a current open position based on the predictive analytics, you can save their DISC assessment results and apply them to benchmarks for different positions that might be more fitting for their personality styles.

2. Simplify the interview process

Instead of rehashing a candidates' resumes during the interview or asking them to tell you a little more about themselves, the DISC personality report will provide you key information about them so you can ask specific questions directed at the key strengths you see, as well as trigger points or areas where you see they may not be as strong if those are important to the position. For instance, if you are interviewing a high "D" for a customer service position, you’ll be able to dive deeper with your questions to determine whether or not they have the empathy and drive to help others in that job role.

3. Identify personality types that complement your existing team

DISC, combined with other behavioral assessments, can provide key information on not only a candidate’s personality style but also their behavioral style, thinking style, ideal team roles, workplace values, learning style, cognitive style, and motivational style. Because DISC measures natural behavior and personality tendencies, it helps us understand how someone is likely going to act and react in certain situations. Hard skills necessary for the job are often easy to teach to a new hire, but personality traits are hard to change. The DISC assessment tool is powerful in predicting soft skills as to how a candidate will interact with other people and approach a project, which is very good information to have when looking at applicants during your hiring process.

To get the most value from a pre-hire assessment, such as DISC, first, administer it to your existing employees. This will give you an idea of the personality strengths of your existing team members and the places your team might need some reinforcement. For instance, if your existing team is full of high "D" personalities, you might want to look at hiring an "S" personality to counterbalance them. Or if your existing team is full of high "I" personalities, you might want to look at hiring a "C" personality to counterbalance them.

4. Reduce employee turnover by hiring the right person the first time

By using predictive hiring in your process by finding and hiring an employee whose natural tendencies are a perfect fit for the position and your team, you will not only end up with happier, more motivated, and productive employees overall but also employees who stay with your company and in their positions longer. It is said that the average cost to replace a new hire is 25% - 250% of the original employee’s annual salary. So, administering a simple online test that may help you alleviate this issue would be well worth it.

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