Building Team Engagement by DISC style

Building Team Engagement by DISC style

One of the hardest parts of working with other people is simply understanding them. While many argue a lack of communication is the root of all conflicts, the truth is the wrong way of communication and lack of understanding another person’s point-of-view causes even bigger damage. Training in DISC communication can immensely help out managers and fellow employees to prevent and resolve conflicts. Understanding personalities helps with understanding one’s communication preferences, teaming people according to their workplace style and figuring out the correct way to motivate staff and build this invisible bond that turns employees into a team.


Each DISC style has their own way of working, thinking, and communicating:

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Dominant personalities…

like to take charge and might tend to dominate over their meeker coworkers. The best way to let a “D” style succeed is to give them various projects they can oversee. This type feels most comfortable being in control and strongly dislikes routine. If you oversee a “D” personality on your team, let them run things for a while and then switch up the tasks. Reward them with a certificate or medal of achievement.

Influential personalities…

need social interaction while working. Like the “D” style, “Is” also enjoy a change in routine and are motivated by compliments. Don’t forget to praise them for a job well done. They are very creative and great at influencing other members of the team. Don’t isolate them, but give them a project they can work with others and have fun at the same time. Reward them in public with socks, a tie or hat that has a fun print.

Steady personalities…

dislike conflicts and will do anything to avoid them, and they are excellent team players. Give them a group project they can complete at their own pace together with several coworkers. They’ll be the first to figure out how to do a repetitive process more efficiently. If the term “Kaizen” (continuous improvement) is in your workplace goals, you’ll want the “Steady” style on it. Reward them with a framed group photo collage of them working alongside their new friends.

Compliant personalities…

appreciate boundaries and work best when provided data to make logical decisions. They, however, tend to overanalyze the details. Be patient and know they will ask all kinds of questions just to make sure they do things the correct way. Give them organization and detail-focused projects they can take their time to complete on their own with full accuracy. Reward them with more responsibilities or a task that will help them expand their knowledge.

Knowing these key personality traits about your employees as a manager will help you understand how they can thrive as an integral part of the team. When everyone feels engaged and works within their strength zone, this simply boosts the morale of the team and creates a better environment for everyone. Don’t forget to provide some bonding exercises as a great way to increase team connection. Giving your employees or coworkers small tasks/challenges to complete together are a common and creative way to craft an environment for team bonding.

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