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Choose Your Coaching Niche Based on Your Behavioral Attitudes

If you have answered with “yes” to the questions in our article Is life coaching the right career for you, you should now be at the point where you decide the specific coaching niche in which you will focus your work. You already know you will be using DISC to guide your clients, and beyond just DISC, certification in behavioral analysis can also help you choose the right coaching niche aligned with your behavioral attitudes.

If you don’t know what drives and motivates you day in and day out, check out PeopleKeys’ Behavioral Attitudes Index (BAI) assessment – a proprietary behavioral assessment you can take separately or as part of the 4D Report (DISC + TEAMS + Values + BAI). Using this tool gives you a unique differentiator when it comes to providing the most value to your clients, and mastering all components of behavioral insights as part of your DISC coaching certification. Other DISC providers don’t offer anything like it, and it can help you focus on related niches aligned with what motivates you. Let’s briefly look at each of the six behavioral attitude styles and how they transfer to different coaching niches for consideration.

Driven by Inner Awareness/Spiritual motivators

This style seeks balance and understanding in their life. One possible niche for your new life coaching business is in the area of spiritual and personal growth, as this area is something you probably have experienced personally and have many lessons to share. This type of internal motivator also goes along with yoga, martial arts, and transformational coaching.

Driven by Social/Humanitarian motivators

While the previous style is motivated by helping growth inwards, the Social/Humanitarian style is focused on helping others outwardly. As for niches, this type of behavioral attitude gets their highest satisfaction from supporting people to reach their goals, and you can venture your future coaching into career guidance or leadership development. You will not mind working pro-bono for a cause or non-profit you support.

Driven by Power/Political motivators

This behavioral attitude is motivated when in charge or when having the chance to exert influence. The logical niche to consider is leadership coaching with high-powered senior executives, high-ranking government officials, or leaders in non-profits and churches. While you might think this motivational style comes off a little strong and pairs well with a dominant “D” personality, this is not necessarily the case. This behavioral attitude can help you coach your clients on how to gain the influence they seek.

Driven by Economic/Tangible motivators

If you have this desire for financial stability and tangible gain, you might consider your answer to the question, “How will you achieve your wealth?” Maybe the answer will come from either your secondary behavioral attitude or DISC profile as to what coaching niche you will be strongest, or consider becoming a sales or financial coach. Be careful not to seek the quickest way to financial gain without considering your personal passions and a sure strategic plan in place.

Driven by Artistic/Innovative motivators

It seems obvious that one niche to focus on might be coaching performers or artists, and those would be good targets. However, an increasing number of people have an unfulfilled creative desire to express their individuality. Think of ways you can motivate others through self-expression, help other coaches to market themselves in innovative ways or become better speakers through inspired approaches. Maybe you are a talented, natural speaker who can teach others how to charm their audience. This motivator is versatile because there are so many ways to approach it.

Driven by Knowledge/Proficiency motivators

Finally, there are those driven by the desire to learn. One possible niche might be creating content for “lifelong learners” who love to discover, research, and explore. Based on your expertise, you would need specific topics or a program to help others achieve mastery. One thing about this style is that once you provide a basic framework, your clients will take it and run with it. And the opportunities for master classes and 1:1 coaching based on your expertise will be limitless.

Expand your coaching skill set with  Certification in behavioral analysisNo matter what niche you choose, helping clients light up by connecting with their internal motivators and behavioral attitudes has rewards of its own. As a first step, get into PeopleKeys’ DISC certification program to start your lucrative practice and have a positive impact!

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