DISC and How it Applies to Team Building

DISC and How it Applies to Team Building

One of the great ways that the DISC Personality Test is commonly applied is team building in the workplace. The dream of a strong, cohesive team which works together to be greater than the sum of its parts is something that every business manager or owner shares, and with DISC, it's a real possibility. It can also be a fun activity at the same time too.

DISC Team BuildingDISC provides detailed yet easy-to-understand personality profiles. The results provide great insight into a wide array of traits, including an individual's communication style and preferences, natural tendencies, behavioral choices or patterns, preferred environments, fears and motivations, and so forth.

This provides amazing value to any workplace. For example, team members within an office can all take the DISC personality test and then go through their results with the rest of the team. They'll learn about each person individually, and how it's best to interact with them, and potential tactics to either avoid or prioritize.

For example, Jane may be a D personality style, known as dominant, active and task-oriented. She likes being challenged and achieving lofty goals and tangible results, and wants a bit of freedom and authority. On the other hand, Mike may be a C personality type, known as conscientious, a passive and task-oriented style. He takes his time to make accurate and informed decisions, fears criticism, and keeps things kept in a realistic and logical perspective.

If Mike and Jane know this about each other, and Steve, their boss, knows more about both of them, everyone will not only feel connected, but will be able to instantly communicate and work together at a much higher level.

Managers will understand which situations to put employees in, how to motivate them and inspire improvement or change, and more. They'll also learn about which employees may be better served in different areas of the company, or with different colleagues.

Communication and understanding are huge priorities for offices which want to truly grow and be as productive and efficient as possible. It's entirely likely that you, your coworkers or your bosses have been undermining and even sabotaging results completely unknowingly due to a failure to understand who they're dealing with and the best ways which could be used to go about assigning tasks, providing feedback or critiques, and more.

Using DISC for team building will help you increase employee morale, ensure that your top performers stay with the company and are at their best, and make for an overall more productive, happy and efficient office. Leaders and managers will also be able to learn and grow from the results. So it's a win-win for everyone, and can be put to use in nearly any corporate climate.

Additional insight can also be gained by utilizing the DISC, TEAMs and Values profiles. This provides added information on thinking styles, workplace values and strengths in a group.

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