Expanding your team with Group Dynamics Report

Expanding your Team with a Group Dynamics Report

Hiring decisions can be tough, as bringing a new person onto your team is a multidimensional process based on skills and experience, integrity and past performance. Business owners and human resource managers have a unique tool in their toolbox to help determine the overall fit of any potential hire with the existing team. By having each member of your team take a personality assessment, you can gather a lot of information to help you communicate better with them, help motivate them, as well as have a good understanding of their stress points. With the PeopleKeys Group Dynamics Report, you can then pull all of those results together (up to 55) to get an overall account on how your team fits and works together.

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Consider your Current Group Snapshot

The Group Dynamics Report is designed to allow you to examine the behavioral strengths and characteristics of your team collectively. It automatically combines each person on your team’s personality style to give you a visual graph containing the percentage of your team in each style. This valuable information gives you the confidence that each person on your existing team is placed in the role they will best shine (for instance: making sure a high “S” is in charge of long-term relationships, a high “D” is in charge of goal setting, a high “I” is in charge of sales and a high “C” is in charge of quality control), but it can also show where your team might have some deficiencies overall that you can fill with your next hire.

Realize Natural Team Strengths

Another very valuable piece of the Group Dynamics Report is the dynamics goal chart. It plots your team’s anticipated ability to reach certain goals based on the combined personality styles on a scale from very low to very high. These personality dynamics include:

  • Collaborating (a high “D” and “I” focus)
  • Creating (a high “D” and “I” focus)
  • Detailing (a high “S” and “C” focus)
  • Directing (a high “D” and “I” focus)
  • Persisting (a high “S” and “C” focus)
  • Processing (a high “S” and “C” focus)

If your team is rated as low or very low in an area that is important to its tasks, you can take that into consideration in your hiring decisions as well.

Hire to Fill the Gaps

Having a team-combined personality report lays out for you, with one look, whether your team is missing the value a given personality can bring to the table, such as:

  • a high “D” with decision making, leadership, or goal setting skills;
  • a high “I” with creative thinking and brainstorming skills, or an ability to motivate others;
  • a high “S” for follow-through skills and ability to create consensus,
  • or a high “C” to improve accuracy and help the team stay on-task.

Asking candidates to take a personality assessment is very common, and you can use these results to determine whether they fit with any of the missing elements your team may need.

Build Team Efficiency

In addition, if you have goals for your team to work toward in a certain way, adding a dominant personality style can help you achieve those goals. For instance, if you’re wanting to develop a more competitive group that works well under pressure, adding a high “D” to the team could be beneficial. If you aim to build a more flexible and livelier team, adding a high “I” to the team could help. If you’re wanting to develop a more thoughtful team that is better at follow-through, adding a high “S” to the team might be your answer. And if you’re wanting to build a more detail-oriented, organized team, adding a high “C” to the group is a good start.

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