Friends TV Characters Explained by DISC Personality Styles

Friends TV Characters Explained by DISC Personality Styles

When you watch a television show for an extended period of time, it's easy to connect with the characters and even feel like you see the world through their eyes. Connecting with one character more than another could be more than a mere preference though. It could be because you connect with them on an innate level, understanding what they think or feel because you share their personality style.

In the case of one of the more popular shows of all time, everyone has their own favorite Friends character, of course. And each of those characters has their own DISC personality style, which explains not only why you may prefer Rachel to Monica but also how the whole group was able to coexist as great friends for such a long time. Different personalities were able to fit into different roles within their group and fill a niche that didn't already belong to someone else.

DISC Personalities applied to Friends characters

Which "Friends" character are you most like? Click here to find out now!Here's a look at the characters of Friends and what their DISC personality styles were:

  • Monica - CD Personality: There's no doubt that Monica has a high “C.” To describe Monica as a neat freak would be an understatement, but it’s not about being clean for her—it’s about doing things her way. Could you image Monica as your Maid of Honor? Rachel could, and that’s why she chose Phoebe. But Monica couldn’t let it go. Her "D" also drives her to see everything as a competition that she must win. That’s why she has won the annual Geller Thanksgiving football trophy for the last ten years.
  • Joey - ID Personality: Joey’s “I” makes him very likable. In combination with his “D,” he has the confidence to pull off the “How you doin?” pick-up line and make it work. Boldness and confidence, combined with an affable naivety, makes Joey a very approachable character.
  • Chandler - I Personality: As an almost pure “I,” Chandler can be counted on to have clever comments about everything. His quick wit and humor make him fun to be around, although his comments sometimes get him into trouble. If opposites do attract, it’s no wonder that Chandler and Monica ended up married.
  • Phoebe - IS Personality: Phoebe’s ”S” makes her friendly, sympathetic and committed to her friends, although she’s had a tough life and even lived ”on the streets” for a time, but only an “I” could write a song like “Smelly Cat” using only guitar chords like “Tiger’s Paw”.
  • Rachel - S Personality: Rachel is all about her friends and relationships. She is caring and loyal to the people she knows. That’s why she was so attracted to Ross when she discovered what he was willing to do for her when her prom date didn’t show up.  But don’t betray that trust by doing something like meeting another girl, even if you are “on a break.” No wonder why Ross could never get back in her good graces, "break" or not!
  • Ross - CI Personality: It's no surprise that Ross is a “C” personality. As a scientist and professor, he thrives on accuracy, precision, and being detail-oriented. It upsets his “C” when people use the section of the school library where his book is located as a make-out spot. So much so that he’s willing to personally guard it. But he’s also an “I” and has a tendency to show his goofier side, like rollerblading to his lectures or his belief in “Unagi,” the element of surprise. Although his opposite styles make him seem schizophrenic at times, it also makes him a good teacher. His “C” makes him good at finding and analyzing information, and his “I” makes him good at explaining it. No wonder his students like him.

So which Friends character was your favorite? And what's your DISC personality style? Take the DISC assessment today and see if you match up well with any of the characters, or if you gain a new appreciation for any of the Friends crew.

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