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What’s Your DISC New Year's Resolution? 

Every January, people seem to make the exact same new year’s resolutions: to start exercising, to spend more time with family, to travel to new places, to lose weight. This year, why not let your DISC personality type guide the kind of resolution you make?

If the high point on your DISC test is a D, consider making a resolution to be more empathetic and less impatient. Being a decisive and driven “D” makes you a fantastic leader, but there are some situations where patience and a more relaxed attitude will serve you well. Similarly, you might commit to taking your time with major decisions. Resolve not to act rashly or impulsively. Make sure you have all of the facts before making decisions, and be willing to consider the input of others.

If the high point on your DISC test is an I, a possible goal for 2013 could involve working on strengthening your listening skills. High “I” personality types are social, outgoing, and wonderfully charismatic. Still, it’s important to remember that there are times where listening is more important than talking. In the new year, resolve to ask more questions of others and to really listen to their answers. Don’t be afraid to occasionally let someone else control the conversation. You’d be amazed at what you can learn from the people around you if you give them the chance to share the spotlight.

If the high point on your DISC test is an S, you tend to live your life in a very stable and consistent manner. You put others first, and are a wonderful mediator and peacemaker. In 2013, though, a helpful resolution would be to focus more on yourself, and to not always put the needs of others over your own. Don’t be afraid of conflict; Shake things up once in a while. Change can be difficult and messy, but it can also usher in exiting new possibilities for the upcoming year.

If your DISC test categorized you as a high C, you tend to be a bit of a perfectionist. This can be a good thing: you’re deadline-oriented, thorough, and precise. Yet, a helpful “C” resolution for 2013 would be to allow yourself the freedom to be less perfect. Stop putting so much pressure on yourself. If you resolve to allow yourself to make mistakes and open yourself up to constructive criticism, 2013 could become a very positive and productive year.

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No matter what your DISC personality type, new year’s resolutions give us an opportunity to reflect on our own strengths and weaknesses, to make changes, set goals, and to break detrimental habits. We’d love to hear all about your new year’s DISC resolutions. What have you learned from DISC, and how do you plan on using that knowledge to usher in positive changes in 2013?

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