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People Born April 1 Have Higher Intelligence

Whether you hate April Fools’ Day or love it, one strange fact about the day is people born on April 1st have a higher rate of success in life. They tend to be overachievers, stay in relationships longer, and as one scientific study put it, “they even seem to have a higher IQ than average.” Being a left-handed, I love facts such as “one half of all astronauts are left handed” and other such trivia. I guess being born on April 1 must be even better than being born left-handed!

Other facts about April 1 is that it is one of the least liked holidays, except for a few “pranksters” who wait until this day each year to spring into action. Think about the fears of each DISC style as to why most people might dislike this day:

"D" Style: They hate to be deceived, tricked, or made to look foolish.


"I" Style: Yes, the “I” is the only style who actually likes this day because it gives them a GREEN light for all kinds of fun things. They may even put a “kick me” note on their own back just to prank one more person!

AprilsFool-IStyle (1)

"S" Style: As long as the prank is not harmful, or doesn’t make anyone feel bad, the “S” will keep calm.


"C" Style: Do you think any “C” likes a holiday for “fools”? No way!


Oh, and about the smartest and most successful people being born April 1?…

All I can say is Happy April Fool’s Day!!! 

Author: Brad Smith

Brad SmithBradley Smith, Ph.D. is the Director of International Business Development at PeopleKeys, and works directly with our international distributors and business partners. He enjoys providing custom solutions outside of our "normal" realm of business, such as corporate consulting and custom technology applications. He especially enjoys taking the lead and reaching goals quickly on new and challenging areas. A proud dad of an infant baby. Personality Style: D