3 Tips for Reducing Employee Turnover Using Predictive Hiring

3 Tips for Reducing Employee Turnover Using Predictive Hiring

Unproductive, demotivated, and lacks teamwork skills. Do you work alongside someone who meets all three of these qualifications?

Demotivated employees or employees who do not add value to the company can be toxic to other workers, disrupt the workflow, and destroy an otherwise successful track record.

The cost of that employee leaving your company can also be expensive. Employee Benefits News stated that recent case studies showed that it costs as much as 33% of a worker’s annual salary to replace an employee.

In the workforce, having a low retention rate can lead to time and money being instantly wasted.

As a manager or supervisor, there are ways to help you make the right hiring decisions so problems won't arise later. Here are some tips for avoiding hiring a poor-performing employee.

Don’t Settle for Just Anyone

It can be easy to rush the hiring process, especially when you’re busy. Having just anybody fill the position can lead to more problems than not having someone at all, though. Hiring managers need to focus on slowing down and understanding whether a prospective employee has the right skills and the right personality to benefit the team. Sometimes the situation may not be that an individual is a bad employee but that they are not the right fit for a position. The skills they possess or their strengths, communication preferences, values, or motivators may not align with what is needed for the job. Using predictive hiring data gives you, the hiring manager, the ability to objectively “see” whether a candidate's natural personality strengths and soft skills will fit both the job role and the company culture. Providing a pre-hire assessment, such as PeopleKeys 4D Hiring Report, to candidates and leveraging occupational benchmarks set up for that role during the recruitment process can help you quickly determine whether you should even set up an interview. When interviewing, ask behavioral interview questions and be specific. An example would be, instead of inquiring about their general organizational skills in an interview, be clear and ask how they would approach filing documents so you can understand their behavior pattern and thinking style.

Use Referrals to Gain More Insight on an Employee

As a hiring manager, you can’t assume you know everything about a potential employee based solely on their resume and interview. Many people look good on paper, but they may not have been beneficial to their past team. When you ask for referrals and follow through with contacting them, you can gain insight into how a prospective employee performed in the past. Were they on time? Did they work well with others? Did they have the drive to learn and grow in the company? A referral letter from a previous employer or phone call to a reference provided by the candidate can answer these questions and provide more information on a person’s reputation at a company. Do not pass on the opportunity to understand if an employee drove success or decreased a company’s success rate.

Check their Emotional Intelligence

Emotional intelligence (EQ) is highly valued in the workplace because it makes it easier for team members to work together. It also creates a work environment employees are happy to come to every day. An interview and maybe a referral will give you a feel if the prospective employee is a right fit for your team, but understanding their emotional intelligence will give you a greater perspective of who they are. Emotional intelligence has five key components: self-awareness, self-regulation, motivation, empathy, and social skills. PeopleKeys 4D assessment increases self-awareness as a first step and can be used as predictive hiring information. Also, it helps both you and the candidate enhance your ability to understand others empathetically and communicate better in alignment with one’s motivation.

PeopleKeys understands that a high turnover rate can be detrimental to a company’s success and bottom line. We are committed to helping recruiters, hiring managers, and business leaders find the right people for their teams.

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