Employee Appreciation Gift Guide

Using DISC as An Employee Appreciation Gift Guide

‘Tis the season for showing leaders and teammates appreciation for their hard work and dedication, especially amid all 2020 has offered! Don’t miss the opportunity to carve out some time to intentionally express a sincere “thanks” to those who give their best every single day. If you feel a bit lost or confused about ways to show your appreciation for others, consider using their DISC style as a source of information and inspiration. With the DISC Personality System, we can better understand what people tend to value and appreciate based on their unique personality traits. Remember, whether you lead a team of 5 or 500, you can learn how to communicate and connect more effectively and on a personal level.

Gift-giving can be challenging because it generally requires some form of investment (money) to purchase items, and then comes the challenge of deciding what to purchase. It can quickly become confusing and expensive! Fun items like stress balls and branded office supplies are an inexpensive option when purchased in bulk, can be gifted to the masses, but typically do not meet the mark for a true, heartfelt “thank you” employees deserve.

Here’s another thing: not everyone requires the same approach when it comes to expressing gratitude. People are different! Some will appreciate a hearty handshake, eye contact, and a verbal, “great work!” Others might prefer acknowledgment in the form of a certificate of recognition, or perhaps a one-on-one conversation as you express your appreciation for a job well done, and some might prefer a party to celebrate with the team. Consider the following DISC personality styles as you decide on your approach.

Showing Appreciation for the D Personality

When it comes to showing appreciation to a very practically minded and goal-driven individual, consider taking the guesswork out and ask! They would much rather receive something they can use instead of something of no use to them at work or home. If you simply want to find out what is on their proverbial wish list, try asking them! Specific and practical will hit the mark!

Showing Appreciation for the I Personality

Receiving gifts is an exciting experience for these socially-driven individuals. Not only will they appreciate the gesture, but they will also be anxiously awaiting the opportunity to use or experience the gift. If it means excitement, activities, or something social and creative, you’ve hit the jackpot with this style!

Showing Appreciation for the S Personality

This is your opportunity to exercise your active listening skills and reflect on what you’ve learned about this individual’s likes and interests. If you’ve connected with this style on a personal level, they’ve likely revealed some things you can undoubtedly capture in a personalized gift. Simple and thoughtful will win every time!

Showing Appreciation for the C Personality

Much like the D style, this is another opportunity to consider choosing something functional serving a specific purpose. As a more passive personality style, they may not necessarily tell you what’s on their list. Still, you can feel confident choosing something intellectual they can utilize in their personal time, such as new reading material on a topic of interest.

The DISC Report

Whatever your approach, consider the person before the product. Words are a great way to begin, written or verbal, and if budgets allow, everyone likes to feel appreciated in accordance with their personality style. If you are not sure about your team, take the DISC assessment now to get in the know early on in the holiday season or any time of year!



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