10+ wrong ways to handle a “dead horse”

10+ wrong ways to handle a “dead horse”

You probably wonder what a "dead horse" story will be about? We all get into a situation where problems get out of control and no matter how hard we try to solve them, we just run into bigger problems. An old Sioux wise man once said, “If you notice that you are riding a dead horse, get off it.”

In the modern business world, however, there are no dead horses just improper strategies. Some of these strategies that will not work are:

  • Start using a stronger/bigger whip;
  • Change the rider;
  • Say that we have always ridden this horse;
  • Create a working group to analyze the horse;
  • Visit other places to see how they ride dead horses there;
  • Raise the quality standards for riding dead horses;
  • Create a task force to revive the horse;
  • Pay for experts who claim to be able to ride dead horses;
  • Include a training module to learn how to ride better;
  • Compare different dead horses;
  • Change the criteria that determine when a horse is dead;
  • Increase the number of dead horses we have so we can ride faster;
  • Explain: No horse can be so dead that we can no longer ride it;
  • Do research to see if there are better and cheaper dead horses;
  • Explain that the way our horse died is a better, faster and cheaper way than other horses;
  • Create a quality group to find another use for the dead horse;
  • Develop motivational programs for dead horses;
  • Change the organizational structure so someone else can get the dead horse.

We have seen all of these happen. Of course, we cannot tell you the name of the horse as according to the new GDPR regulations, we have to keep the dead horse's name silent and never make mention in any of our records...for privacy sake!

Too often we do things because “that’s the way we’ve always done them,” but we also know the key to progress is change. Contact our team today to help you get you off that "dead horse" and put you back in the saddle of an efficient, thriving business model to move you and your team forward again. You know your top performers. Let us show you how to discover those same qualities in candidates when they apply for your positions. We can replicate your top performerce with the power of DISC and predictive hiring in a blink.

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