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The Key to Building a Successful Church or Ministry Team

Posted on 2017-05-05

People are the key to a successful church or ministry team! The PeopleKeys DISC assessment has proven to be a useful tool for any organization that relies on people for its success. Many successful businesses and ministries have found ways to use DISC to gain a greater understanding of an individual’s God-given abilities to enact positive change and growth. DISC can be used to increase productivity, strengthen communication, build strong teams, and capitalize on the strengths of staff, volunteers, and employees.

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Helping Religious Organizations Thrive with DISC

Posted on 2013-03-31

Many churches and ministries find themselves searching for innovative ways to address the needs  of their congregations.  As a result, an increasing number of religious organizations are turning to PeopleKeys for customizable ministry-focused solutions to help them thrive.

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