6 Must-Haves for a S Style Office Space

6 Must-Haves for a S Style Office Space

If you are steady, friendly, reliable and supportive, chances are you are a high S Personality Style and if you are, you will want to have your office ready for the new year.

Those of us with S style personalities are eager to use the new year as a chance to clean house and organize. You will find other S and C styles out at the big box stores in January finding unique and practical storage solutions for their homes and work spaces. In order to furnish your space with elements worthy of your S style, you should know what works best for other S personality styles.If you know DISC, you know people with a high S personalities tend to be friendly, pleasant and have great listening skills. Another hallmark of the S style is that they are tragically practical, sensible, and reliable which will come across in their work and office spaces. Of all the DISC personality styles, S styles are the most common style, which is good because S styles like to bond together, work within a team environment and personalize their spaces.

Here are six things you can find in an office belonging to someone with a high S DISC personality style:

1) An open door

Someone with a high personality S is very approachable, at ease with others, and willing to lend a hand or an ear to anyone in need. The office of the S style will typically have an open door policy. Notice the S styles you know and you will find their work spaces are warm and welcoming. High S styles also make excellent team members and even team leads if given the right parameters.

2) A to-do list

A high S personality, like the high I personality has a tough time saying no to others because they are often so capable and eager to please and support others. Therefore, they need lists, productivity apps and reminders to make sure they don't let others down and to keep track of all the plans they make both personal and business.

3) Desk organizational tools

An S personality will want to have all the essentials tools available for them to make the most of their time. Like a mini office supply store, the S style wants to stockpile and make available every possible variation of necessities right in their room - notepads, post its, calendars, folders, white out, tape, staples, scissors and pens in every ink color. Ready and prepared, the S style, will be the one person who has aspirin when a colleague has a headache.

4) Personal touches

Unlike a D or C personality a high S personality may see the need for frivolous items in the workspace, or items that remind them of the warmth and hospitality that they find in their homes. These touches can be pictures of friends, colleagues, and family or could be flowers, artwork, or things that they collect to comfort them. Because S styles put a priority on comfort and security, naturally they will choose touches that remind them of the comfort and safety that they make them content.

5) Wall clock

Like the essential list, an S style will have a clock so the S can keep track of time as a true S style doesn't want to be late or let other team members down. Because S styles would rather support others than be driving the ship or out in the limelight, they are often tasked with supporting the busy D and I styles, so if they are late or unorganized, everything falls apart. As the "glue" of business operations, S styles are very reliable, so the clock is another tool in their arsenal.

6) Food

Another preparation tactic of the S style is stashing food. S styles won't want to leave their desk if they are under a tight deadline, instead, they will skip the meal and snack at their desk. Also, to provide the maximum in comfort, they will have food available for themselves and others so that no one needs to go hungry. They even push their food on others sometimes by bringing in homemade or store bought food to put a smile on the faces of their colleagues.

DISC Personality Profile

Creating an office space that takes your personality will most likely lead you to work at your highest capacity and performance level. According to Professor Marston's DISC theory, people have four main personality traits: Dominance, Influence, Steadiness, and Compliance. If you're not sure what's your style, you can take the DISC Personality System Assessment by PeopleKeys which for less than 7 minutes will give you a unique insight into your behavior can allow you to enhance your communication skills, comprehension, productivity and motivation.

We encourage you to find your DISC personality style and create a workspace that will bring out the best in you and make you more productive.

What's your DISC personality style? Find out now.

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