Attracting new clients to your coaching business_ Setting Up

Attracting new clients to your coaching business: Setting Up

As an established expert in behavioral analysis, we, at PeopleKeys, know first-hand that success doesn’t come overnight. It takes hard work, dedication, and staying true to your brand and values. Business is an up-and-down roller coaster through good and tough times. As our founder, Dr. Sandy Kulkin says, “It’s taken at least 30 years to become an instant success.” PeopleKeys is invested in helping our certified coaches and business partners succeed. So, whether you are new to the field of coaching or an expert looking for some inspiration in finding new business, here are some tips from the pros to help you get started on your path to success:

Build Your Brand

How do you want your ideal clients to “see” you and your business? Hire a design agency (or a student with some design experience if you’re on a tight budget) to create your company logo, business card, and most importantly a mobile-friendly web presence. It might seem like a no-brainer to take this step, but it’s really important to make a great first impression with a new client. You want a design that is fresh and provides a quick representation of who you are and what you do.

Consider what you should wear to attract your ideal clients. Is a simple, casual wardrobe of jeans and a t-shirt sufficient or should your wardrobe be more corporate attire? The only right answer is what makes sense for being in-tune with your specific client base.

Create a mission and a vision statement. You want to identify and differentiate your value; establish why you are doing what you do and the benefit you provide to your clients. Every business, whether a sole entrepreneur or a Fortune 500 should have a mission and a vision. Create a short video to share your mission, vision and story on your website and social media.

Be the coach you would want to hire – be authentic and consistent, practice what you preach and hold your values with integrity. In time, you will become your brand.

Identify Your Target

Determine you ideal clientele. Do they fit a specific market, role or experience level? Create your “buyer persona.” Answer some important questions up-front about what you are looking for in a client: What does this person look like? What is their role? Are they the decision maker? Do they have a budget? Use these questions to establish a qualification process for your leads.

Having a clear picture of who you want to work with will make your decision to work with someone easier. Don’t be afraid to say “no” to clients that don’t fit your ideal or refuse to pay at-cost for your services. You might need to give away some free time up-front to gain new clients, but do it strategically and remember the 80/20 rule when developing your business.

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