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Behavioral Approaches to Restarting Your Business After Quarantine

Shifting from strict work-from-home quarantine requirements back into the physical workplace has many employers and employees feeling stressed and unsure about the way ahead. States are lifting restrictions which, in turn, authorize many businesses to resume full-scale operations; yet things are looking a bit different than they did just a few months ago. Some business owners may feel the flood gates are opening and unsure of how to proceed. Here are three areas for consideration where applying a behavioral approach and proven DISC Theory will help businesses successfully reintegrate employees with ease and instill confidence to perform at a high-level.

Personality Snapshot

Now is a great time to be intentional about getting to know your workforce, and their post-quarantine state of mind, by engaging the team and learning their dynamics as a group. Have your team complete an extended DISC assessment, such as the 4D Report that could be taken in-person as space and time allows, or it can be done virtually if technology permits.

The most detailed 4D Report is a great way to take a targeted look at your team’s DISC behavioral styles, strengths, limitations, core beliefs, thinking, motivators, stress responses and coping mechanisms, and communication best practices. As a leader or business owner, you will gain valuable insights on how to positively engage with your employees and develop them into a robust and collaborative team while on the clock.

Introduce Health & Safety Guidelines

Things have drastically changed regardless of which establishment you enter. Many places require employees and guests to wear masks, and all are observing the 6 feet social distancing and max building capacity requirements. We see the foodservice industry returning to limited dine-in options while continuing take-out or curbside pick-up. Retail stores are re-opening with limited hours of operation and product offerings. Everyone on staff must understand how to successfully execute procedures and engage with staff and customers while in the workplace to maintain a safe and secure experience for all. Understanding each personality will help you communicate the changes in a way that makes the best sense for them, for example, remember that:

Identify Immediate and Long-Term Needs

Aside from returning to work and earning profits and salaries, employees will continue to have a variety of needs because of the ongoing effects of COVID-19. Many workers are parents or primary guardians and caregivers; some may even be single parents who are reassessing childcare needs and availability in the local area, especially during the summer months. Other employees may be dealing with stress and anxiety, concerns about how the work environment has changed, and may be experiencing significant levels of distress. Use the opportunity to consider incorporating stress management programs that are based upon their DISC style. Not only will this help improve the individual wellbeing of employees, but it will also reinforce your care and commitment to taking care of them so they can continue to perform at optimal levels.

Restarting your business with behavioral approach takes into consideration the most important asset of your business – your team and your people. Relating to them and communicating in sync with their natural preferences will boost their performance and help your business agility as a whole.

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Written by: Lindy Lamielle

Lindy is a retired Air Force veteran, Certified Behavioral Life Coach, and DISC Consultant and entrepreneur who enjoys learning and sharing knowledge. When she's not sitting on the soccer field sidelines or putting out teenage fires, she fills her cup through speaking, writing, coaching small business owners and entrepreneurs, and performing a little social media sourcery. Personality Style: S-I