DISC Dating Tips: Let your personality shine

DISC Dating Tips: Let Your Personality Shine

We’ve all been on a terrible first date. Maybe you could have smiled more, shared a bit more about yourself, remembered not to mention an ex love affair, or maybe you just overindulged on the wine and spilled a forkful of pasta on your new outfit. A handful of my recent first dates have ended with unmet gazes and awkward goodbyes as we both pretended we’d make plans to catch up the following week.

Mistakes happen -- but in the (new) world of dating, when a future soulmate could be just a click or swipe to the right away, preparing is important.

They say it’s best to be yourself and I happen to agree. Also, understanding your own personality and having some insight to the behavioral preferences of other people  and DISC compatibility can give you some advantage, or at least save you from an awkward first date. If you’re not sure of you own personality style, first take a DISC assessment to better understand yourself. It will not only help you to be aware of your preferences, but will teach you how to communicate better with those you intend to meet.

What's your DISC personality style? Find out now.

Here are some things you can learn from the DISC personality traits to bring your best to your next first date:

D-Dominance: Don’t turn the date into a competition.

You’re a natural leader and that makes it easy for you to come off as intimidating. Let your date take the lead sometimes and do not brag how superior you are. Now, I’m not saying to completely let the action be controlled by your date, but this isn’t a competition. Let them talk about themselves as well, ask some questions and make sure to throw the ball back in their court.

I-Influential: Don’t make it all about yourself.

I’ve heard that an I personality can make conversation with just about anyone -- including dogs because they will never talk back or argue. Conversations are easy, but this is not a show where you only have to impress. Take your time to pause and pay attention to details so you don’t have to ask the same questions again. Do not forget to take it a little bit slower, especially if you are dating an S or C style. If you’re meeting up with a D - challenge them to a mini-golfing game or wine and dine them at an Instagram-worthy winery.

S-Stable: Don’t be afraid to speak-up.

You’re a great listener and will bend over backwards to help just about anyone. This means you may want to use your amazing listening skills, but don’t be afraid to speak up -- after all, they’re there to meet the real you. And remember, you don’t owe them any favors. It’s easy to keep going out with someone you think is “okay” but you deserve the best, just like everyone else, so never be afraid to look for your own fireworks and directly tell the ones you don’t feel a spark with that you’re not interested.

C-Compliant: Don’t turn the date into an interrogation.

You’re a numbers person and have no time to let loose. This is a great personality for the boardroom, but not the best for a first date. So relax during your date. Use your plethora of knowledge to impress your date -- and limit the list of overly detailed questions for what you want to know (we know you made a list in your head). Just don’t be afraid to go a little crazy or off-topic because at the end of the day, dating can be fun when you let the good times come to you.

With these tips I hope you have a great first date. Just remember -- whatever your personality happens to be -- conversation is key, dress to impress and a smile is always the best accessory -- and, if it goes terribly wrong, you’ll have a fun story to tell your friends.

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Written by: Nicolette Pizzuto

Nicolette loves bringing conversational topics to readers to inform them about their own DISC personality traits. She also enjoys yoga, hiking, spending time with friends, and utilizing social media to find the perfect place around town for a trendy photo-op. Personality Style: I