How DISC Personality Assessments Can Help You Reach your Health and Fitness Goals

Reach Your Health and Fitness Goals with DISC Personality Assessments

One of the lesser-known applications of DISC assessments beyond the workplace is for your personal health and fitness. The online PeopleKeys® DISC Fitness Report can be utilized to show how different DISC personality types can set fitness goals, exercise, and stay motivated to see their best fitness results. Learn all about how your specific DISC personality will enable you to succeed with a health and fitness plan.

Types of Exercise

fitness motivation utilizing discLearning about your DISC personality will enable you to carefully choose which types of exercises are the best for you, whether it's high-intensity workouts, group classes, cardio, or strength training. By choosing the right exercise, you'll enjoy what you're doing and continue to excel.

For example, individuals with the D, or Dominant, personality enjoy one-on-one sports competitions, such as tennis and racquetball. They also enjoy activities where they can receive a burst of adrenaline and enjoy training on their own at the gym. Meanwhile, I's, or Influencers, enjoy team sports, such as softball, soccer and volleyball, and pick-up competitions with friends, such as Frisbee or paintball.

An S, or Steady, personality enjoys aerobics and group classes and opportunities to socialize or work with a trainer who can hold them accountable. Finally, C, or Compliant, DISC personalities will enjoy making incremental progress and achieving new levels, such as with martial arts or skilled competitions like golf.

Goals & Motivation

DISC assessments offer insight on which types of goals people should set in order to maximize their chances of success. For example, Influencers want short-term achievable goals, enabling them to see and enjoy continued success at every step of the process for reinforcement.

On the other hand, a C personality type wants progress reports, measurable benchmarks, and also the motivation of facts and statistics. An S personality type wants constant reminders of their goals to stay motivated, with feedback along the way, while a D personality wants a simple, challenging plan they can achieve on their own.

Starting with the right types of goals will provide you with a huge and immediate boost.

What to Avoid

All of the previous points focused on how knowing your DISC personality type will teach you what you should be doing to succeed with a fitness plan. However, you'll also learn the important things you should avoid, the traps and problem areas that could derail your momentum and ruin your motivation. Steer clear of trouble and learn the things you shouldn't do as well.

For instance, a strong D personality could be undone by being busy and in a rush. Avoid easy fixes like unhealthy fast foods and pay more attention to the food you eat. An S personality may be too laid back and easy-going or practical about their fitness. So choose realistic, achievable goals and find a sport you're passionate about to stay involved in.

These are just a few of the great ways that completing the DISC Online Fitness Report will help you achieve health and fitness success like never before.

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