DISC Personality Types_ Using DISC in Job Interviews

DISC Personality Types: Using DISC in Job Interviews

In an interview, you can put your best foot forward by using your knowledge of DISC personality types to land you the job of your dreams.

Job interviews can be extremely stressful. From the moment you walk through the door, you need to be conscious of how you present yourself. As the old saying goes, you never get a second chance to make a first impression.
Before entering an interview, review your DISC personality chart. Be conscious of the high and low points on your chart, and use the information to:
1) Capitalize on your strengths
If you can’t clearly identify the qualities that make you the right fit for a job, how will your potential employer? The ability to openly recognize your own strengths is often the key to a successful interview. Use your DISC personality report to familiarize yourself with the unique benefits of your personality style. Your DISC chart may reinforce strengths you already suspected you possessed, or it may open your eyes to skills you never knew you possessed. Your DISC report will give you the language you need to talk positively about yourself, and will help frame even your weaknesses in a more positive light. The DISC personality chart plainly lays out your strengths and weaknesses, and will guide you toward the best way to market yourself.

2) Compliment the needs of the team
Remember to sell your strengths not just in terms of what you’re good at. No man is an island. As an employee you will be part of a larger whole, a member of a group with its own dynamics.  Think about your potential place in this group, and then use your knowledge of DISC style combinations to explore how your strengths will compliment the needs of the team. What skills and talents do you have to offer that the company doesn’t already have? How will you positively affect the team? How will your presence positively improve the workplace dynamic? How will you be able to support, motivate, and inspire others? Show the interviewer that your skills are the missing piece of a larger puzzle, and that the company will be more efficient and productive with you in place.

3) Blend your style with your interviewer’s style
Mirroring is a DISC strategy that sales teams use on a regular basis. When you mirror, you temporarily change your DISC personality style to meet the needs of the client you are speaking with. In an interview situation, this can also be a useful strategy. When you meet your interviewer, use you knowledge of DISC assessment to size up that person’s personality style.  Is the interviewer a results-oriented D? A friendly and outgoing I? A stable, loyal, and change-adverse S? A precise and detail-oriented C?  Being able to spot these personality traits in others will allow you to adapt your natural style to better communicate with the interviewer.

  • If the interviewer exhibits the qualities of a high D, then focus your conversation on your goals, achievements, and the long-term benefits the company will receive from retaining your services. Don’t ramble or be overly-social. A high D looks for results, practical solutions, and individuals that are decisive and quick to take action.
  • If the interviewer exhibits qualities of a high I, they will respond well to candidates that present themselves as creative, social, and optimistic. Don’t interrupt the I. Be sure to listen, be friendly, and be open to talking about new ideas. A high I looks for individuals that are people-oriented, funny, and inspirational.
  • If the interviewer exhibits qualities of a high S, present yourself as competent, respectful, and reliable. Frame your answers to highlight that you are trustworthy, agreeable, and good under pressure. A high S looks for loyal individuals that will be strong team players.
  • If the interviewer exhibits qualities of a high C, they will respond well to thorough explanations, data, and attention to detail. Don’t be afraid to ask questions of the high C. A high C looks for individuals that answer questions thoughtfully and specifically, and that back ideas up with facts (not feelings).

Haven’t discovered your DISC personality type yet? While you might think you already know your career strengths, a DISC personality assessment can help you better understand the type of work you’re best suited for, and will explain the specific ways in which your unique personality can make you the ideal candidate for the job. The self-awareness gained through DISC assessment is your secret weapon in the job interviewing process, and in your future career.

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