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Everyone is born completely fearless, and unfortunately, this changes not long after we take our first steps. Fears are neither good nor bad, and there are advantages and disadvantages of having them. Some fears we develop are necessary for survival, such as a fear of fire or thunderstorms, which are built-in, inherited warning signs every child learns very quickly. As we grow, our personality shapes and changes based on experiences, perception, and public expectations; people tend to develop behavioral-based fears.

According to DISC Theory, each personality style has a specific fear they work hard to avoid. If we are not aware of our natural personality fears, they can easily turn into demons that will haunt our relationships, career choices, and communication with others – not only during Halloween. Let’s see how we can face our demons and overcome some specific limitations they can impose on us. If you’re not sure what your DISC profile has to say about your dominant style fear, start by taking a DISC personality assessment.

Fear of being taken advantage of

You can always rely on a D Personality Style to get the job done. They are very task-oriented and born for results, whether in school projects, work, or just life in general. They go above and beyond to succeed – and people notice. They will always walk the extra mile to reach a goal unless they feel someone is taking them for granted. To overcome this fear, as hard as it is, give yourself a break with more consideration before lending a hand whenever you’re asked. If a situation is a win-win, give it a go! We know that if you win, you won’t give it a second thought and you surely will not have a problem with deciding quickly, as you’re the most decisive personality style!

Fear of rejection, or not being liked

The sparkly and shiny I Personality Style strives to be the center of attention and thrives on being liked and loved. Whenever they are rejected, though, they become sad. The fear of not being liked is their greatest demon, and sometimes they will say or do crazy things just to draw attention to themselves and get some admiration back. They become hurt if they are left out, whether it’s not receiving an invite to the biggest Halloween bash or simply just being isolated for a second from a conversation. They need to accept that there will always be people who do not like them and that’s perfectly okay! They can always use some downtime for recharging their batteries and checking their calendar.

Fear of instability, or loss of security

The S Personality Style, which makes up the largest part of the population, does not accept change very easy nor quickly and needs time to prepare. Every little change will be received as a dramatic turnover by these otherwise stable and steady people, and this brings out their internal demon of loss of security. However, they should know that change is the only permanent movement in life. So they need to learn to embrace change and realize that changes are not always bad - we all have heard the saying, "When one door closes, another one opens" for us. To make the transition period easier and to overcome this fear, a good approach is to plan several steps in advance and always having a plan B!

Fear of being criticized

Those with a C Personality Style are known for being top perfectionists, and they want to make sure that everything gets done as best as possible. They hate the idea of being wrong, or even just looking like they’re wrong, so you can be sure that they have double- and triple-checked every fact and number before they even let you have a look at it. Their biggest demon is someone criticizing their work after they have put their best effort into it! This can be handled – remember: “It's human to make mistakes and some of us are more human than others.” And even if you’re super detailed, super smart, and super precise, you’re also a human. Take a deep breath, and give yourself some slack.

Whatever your fears and internal demons are, do not forget that the first step to overcoming them is recognizing and embracing what makes you afraid, so you can grow stronger as a person and unlock your unlimited potential.

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Written by: Petya Beckett

Petya is most likely to be found chatting to and helping customers out online or over the phone. She is also the PeopleKeys social media manager, sharing motivations from around the world and ensuring you're inspired to discover the Power of DISC every day. Workplace Personality Style: DC.