Find Your Fitness Perfect Fit Using DISC

Find Your Fitness Perfect Fit Using DISC

Did you know your personality determines the exercise routines you favor? If you’re having trouble sticking with a particular workout routine, it may be you’re going against the grain of your own innate abilities and personality traits. Just as we perform better at work, at school, and in personal relationships when we’re in the “zone” which suits our personality, so it is with the activities on the peripheral of our lives, such as getting and staying healthy. Not sure what your personality style is? You can discover this and get insights how to achieve your fitness goals with the DISC Fitness Report.

Dominant Personality

If your main personality style is “D,” you’re direct, assertive, strong willed, and forceful. You thrive on competition and are driven by challenges. You dislike getting bogged down in details and like to keep things simple. Often rushed and on the go because of your busy lifestyle, you seek fast, tangible results from everything, including your exercise routine.

Because you enjoy competition, you tend to gravitate to activities which allow you to compete against others, such as boxing, wrestling, rowing, and racquet sports (tennis, squash, racquetball, handball). You would do well training for and participating in marathons and triathlons. These activities offer not only a definitive end goal, but solid competition as well.

Influential Personality

If you’re mostly an “I” style, you’re a great communicator who is friendly and optimistic. You’re charismatic and thrive on meeting new people and attracting others to your social sphere. Because you’re naturally cooperative, team sports are a natural fit. Keeping score and winning aren’t particularly important to you; it’s all about having fun and connecting with others. Search online for groups which regularly meet for informal games of softball, basketball, flag football, volleyball, or soccer. You might also try your hand at dancing: swing, ballroom, salsa, hip-hop, etc. You’ll be amazed at the intensity of a dance workout, and it will satisfy your spontaneous nature.

Steady Personality

Good listening skills are one of the hallmarks of the “S” style. You’re steady, patient, loyal, and practical. You enjoy structure and stay motivated when someone else offers support and holds you accountable to reach your goals. Grab one or two friends to meet regularly to walk, jog, skate, or bike. Similarly, ask a friend to join your local gym so both of you can take advantage of classes in aerobics, spinning, yoga, Pilates, kickboxing, or even belly dancing or join a small group of people who enjoy paddle sports such as canoeing, kayaking, and rowing.

Compliant Personality

The “C” personality style is all about being detail oriented, thorough, precise, and analytical. You crave consistency and want everything in your life, including your fitness routine, to have a clearly defined beginning, middle, and end as well as measurable benchmarks. You enjoy physical workouts which also engage your mind, such as martial arts and yoga, or try running, biking, or rowing while listening to podcasts or audio books. This will satisfy your need to get more done in less time and to acquire knowledge.

If you’re not sure what fitness routine suits you best, check out our online DISC Fitness Report to discover your “A” game. It’s easy to get fit and stay motivated when you know what works for you and why.

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Written by: Kris Rowland

Kris Rowland is a freelance writer and editor. With a background in trade book copyediting and marketing writing, she’s a self-proclaimed “word girl.” She finds immense satisfaction in checking items off her never-ending to-do list. Personality style: C.