Creating Stronger Family Bond

Four Activities to Create a Stronger Bond with Your Family

If your entertainment options are limited due to unforeseen circumstances, don’t panic or pull your hair out! No need to go hiding in the bathroom with cookies from all the little habitants of your household either, like a popular commercial suggests. Weather dependent, below you can find some fun activities to do with your kids, spouse, roommates or parents while being at home to create a stronger bond with your family. You can actually use these ideas any time of the year!

1. Just Dig It! with a Family Garden Party

This is a great activity for the “I” Styles: impulsive, talkative, fun to be around.

If the weather allows, put on some old clothes and get ready to get your hands dirty! Spring, Summer and warm Fall days are a great time to get ahead of the game on gardens and landscaping. Kids love getting into things we really don’t want them to, but with a garden party they will have an excuse to play in the dirt. If you have seeds, early Spring is great time to start those seedlings. If your area is still cold or during winter you can start your garden inside by using an old milk jug. Cut the old milk jug in half, and the kids can decorate the jugs with markers or paint. When ready, just get some dirt and plant the seeds. Put the top part of the jug back over the bottom, and you’ll have your very own greenhouse. Kids can watch these seeds start growing. This will help them understand how plants, vegetables and flowers grow and the cycles they go through. Make a watering schedule and create a garden journal together, complete with drawings of what they think the full-grown seeds will become to look like.

2. Get Your Learn On

This is a great activity for the “D” Styles: direct, decisive and driven.

If schools are closed it doesn’t mean we can’t still learn. There are so many free resources for children and adults to use while at home and online. If you ever wanted to try a new craft or hobby, but you just haven’t found the time, now is the time. Grab those knitting needles from the closet, dust off those watercolors that have been sitting in your desk, or start watching the History Channel or National Geographic. Also, check out these free school resources online. Being inside the house with others is also a great opportunity to learn your and others DISC Personality. Learning your housemates’ DISC styles will help everyone understand how to communicate with each other better. PeopleKeys has plenty of options and resources for you to browse through. Not only do we offer DISC assessments, but we offer resources for students and children.

3. Bake Some Tasty Treats

This is a great activity for the “S” Styles: compassionate, team players and soft-spoken.

Some of my favorite memories when I was younger are cooking with my mom and grandma. Bust out that old, red Betty Crocker cookbook from the shelf. Pick out some tasty treats everyone will be able to make and enjoy. If you have a favorite recipe from a family member, share that recipe with your kids. Remember, you can not only have fun, but use this as an educational experience to teach your children about conversions and measuring cup sizes. Try making Confetti Cake Batter Cookies, Oreo Dirt Cups, Puppy Chow or Unicorn Ice Cream.

4. “Marie Kondo” Your House

This is a great activity for the “C” Styles: careful, logical and precise.

Most of you have heard or seen how to “Marie Kondo” your home. You can watch her show on Netflix, videos on YouTube, and there are even Facebook Groups about her. If you’re feeling like your home is overcluttered and you’re holding onto too many things, get rid of items “that don’t spark joy.” Anyone can help with this or you can do this on your own. Whether it’s a cluttered closet, overfilled garage or unorganized pantry, she can give you tips on how to tackle it all. For some people, organizing and cleaning is a great stress reliever. If you make a game out of it with your kids, they might not even realize they are actually helping you clean.

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