How to Expand Your Coaching Website with DISC

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In today’s diverse marketing landscape, it doesn’t pay to be a chameleon that blends in, even when associated with significant brand names and products. Affiliate programs continue to increase in number as the quantity of brand influencers increase and grow their followings. What makes a business successful in new or even saturated markets? Speed, flexibility, and distinctive personal branding drive online engagement and followers, converting them into loyal customers and referrals. However, consumers won’t just follow a unique business or brand name solely based on name or look alone. They also want quality products and services that meet their needs and solve their unique problems…fast!

For DISC certified coaches and consultants, the challenge is the same: knowing how to stand out as a respected voice in your niche, build a loyal client base that drives referrals, and deliver quality products and services that keep you a step ahead of the competition.

So, how do you move out of the chameleon stage to increase your speed and flexibility as a distinctive personal brand? The solution comes easy with integrating the ability for clients to purchase customized DISC and other behavioral assessments directly from you as their distributor, and here are five reasons you should do it:

1. Start Generating Passive Income Today

It takes time to create content and develop online products and solutions. Your time is valuable and better spent by engaging with clients instead. Quality DISC solutions have already been developed, tested, and validated. These products are plug-and-play, so all you have to do is acquire the product or service, apply your branding or logo, and sell!

2. Lead Generation and Upselling

Your PeopleKeys business portal is a ready-made solution to draw in and direct new or current contacts, offer insight into available products and services, engage with new clients, and convert them into potential clients or customers. You define your competitive pricing as a coach or consultant; therefore, you can apply your coaching fees or rates that include your customized assessments or additional products and services as available add-ons to increase your revenue (customers love shopping convenience and speed)!

3. Reputation of Professionalism

Building a website on your own can be daunting and may not turn out as professional as you would like. Hiring a professional to build a customized website can exceed budget constraints and still fail to meet your visual expectation. Choosing to use PeopleKeys business portal offers a modified solution: a custom branded, self-contained online business portal. It reduces the cost of development by being fully functional out of the box. You will require basic graphic design if you wish to further customize the look of your DISC and other behavioral reports with your branding or logos and custom content. You don’t have to be very tech-savvy to get your customized reports up and running in your portal, and ultimately, it will help you appear as the professional business you are!

4. Brand Recognition

As you begin professionalizing your online presence through establishing a PLS, selling products and services, and driving customers to your website through various marketing platforms and strategies, you will soon be ready to take it up a notch! By associating trusted products with trusted companies, you will begin building awareness and trust with consumers. A recognizable logo, web design, or business name, associated with a well-known and respected brand, will catch their attention and get them thinking about how your business might meet their needs. It’s not only about looks; it’s about how you made them feel before, during, and after engaging in person or online. Recognizable brands generally invoke many positive (or negative) emotions, even when the consumer or clients are not actively engaging with a business. The goal is to keep engagement positive!

5. Competitive Advantage

It is no secret successfully incorporating elements from the first four recommendations when choosing a PLS will successfully set you up to achieve a competitive advantage in today’s everchanging economy. With a solid online presence and an opportunity to serve clients and consumers in any time-zone, you can optimize your pricing, products, and specialized services. Remember, you do not have to be an expert in all fields to serve everyone in all capacities; focus on serving your target market well with speed and flexibility to keep you engaging and growing.

The DISC personality profile is an amazing offering both coaches and consultants can utilize. Sign up for your PeopleKeys business portal to expand your revenue with PeopleKeys DISC offerings.

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Written by: Lindy Lamielle

Lindy is a retired Air Force veteran, Certified Behavioral Life Coach, and DISC Consultant and entrepreneur who enjoys learning and sharing knowledge. When she's not sitting on the soccer field sidelines or putting out teenage fires, she fills her cup through speaking, writing, coaching small business owners and entrepreneurs, and performing a little social media sourcery. Personality Style: S-I