Incorporating DISC  Into your Study Session

Incorporating DISC Into your Study Session

If you are feeling under pressure at school and the homework and projects keep piling on your desk and agenda without control, it may be time for you to revamp how you study – or just start to study if you have been procrastinating opening your books.

I have always loved learning things that I enjoy -- I’m a lifelong learner at heart. However, learning things I don’t enjoy is where it gets tricky. Although it was tempting for me to “forget” where I put my astronomy book -- I decided early on in college I was going to study for every single class. No matter how bored, sleep deprived, or anti-social I became each finals week.

Maybe you’re looking for a brand new routine or just a few things to add to your regular sessions. For an extra boost, you can incorporate your DISC style for better study results. If you know your DISC type, feel free to read ahead. If you’re not sure and would like to find out your personality style, take this DISC Student Strengths assessment to see which personality trait best fits you.

The Dominant (D) personality makes friendly competition. You’re a natural leader. So naturally, coming in first is something you know how and want to do. Make sure not to compete among peers -- this can lead to hard feelings. However, comparing your last scores to current ones will make you strive for perfect marks, or you can make a competition with yourself by counting down how many times you get practice answers right.

The Influential (I) personality style makes studying fun. Whether using flash cards, a game, or an app on your phone. Making it enjoyable will make it easier for someone with this personality type. Using your creative side comes easy -- structure is what’s hard for an I personality. If that isn’t fun enough, try recording lectures or key points and playing them in the background.

The Stable (S) personality style’s best fit is in a group setting. Why would studying be any different? Try forming a study group. Whether you’re asking practice questions, working on sample tests or just sitting in a room silently -- your steady personality naturally feeds off of others and feels best when you’re with other people. Helping your friends will not only help your friends’ grades -- it will help yours.

The Compliant (C) personality style may want to do all the studying on your own -- the old fashioned way. Rewriting your notes, again and again. You know you’d rather not waste any time. More than likely, you’ve been preparing for your exams for months, as soon as your teacher told you to start. So pack up the note cards, pens, highlighters and sticky notes -- grab a cup of coffee and get on over to the library.

Hopefully these tips have you mastering classes in no time -- and if procrastination is keeping you from your best studying, check out our blog post on Behavioral Strategies to Overcome Procrastination.

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