Investing in Growth with Education

PeopleKeys has a partner and best-selling author, 48 Days and Dan Miller, who talks about the importance of what are you going to do within the next 48 days of your life. What a time to be thinking that way, and to educate yourself! Everybody is a homeschooler now, while many are learning how to educate or be a part of their kids’ education. What are you doing to educate yourself? What is it that you could do to earn a professional certification? What is it that you currently know and want to expand upon, or conversely, what is something new you’d like to learn?

The truth is, you could choose to sit at home and watch the news all day, which is likely to cause more stress, but consider an alternative. Now is the best time to invest in yourself. Relish in the fact that there’s something new you could learn about yourself, others, or the world, and apply it to advance yourself in your current position in life. Consider the knowledge and skills surrounding the job that you have now, what could you say after 30 days? You might say, “Hey, check out what I did! I learned a new language and gained a new client overseas,” or “I got certified in DISC behavioral analysis and became a part-time Life Coach at a local ministry.”

Here are two perspectives on educating yourself to consider as you contemplate your future in learning:

How Education Facilitates Growth, Development, and Opportunity

A neighbor up the street from me had graduated college with a bachelor’s degree, but for as long as I’ve known him, he hadn’t held very great jobs, nor could he find a good one to apply his education. Then one day, I heard from another neighbor that he just graduated law school! I said, “Are you kidding me? That’s fantastic!” He realized he wasn’t getting the jobs he wanted that applied to his bachelor’s degree. He had some education benefits available from the G.I. Bill, so for the last four or five years, he had been going to law school at night and on the weekends. I thought, “Wow! How many people would have just said, “Oh man, I’m a victim! I went to school, and I can’t get a job!” Instead of taking on that “victim” role, he said, “Well then, I’m going to educate myself some more!” This approach requires a shift in mindset that sees a challenge as an opportunity to learn and grow.

How DISC Behavioral Certification Facilitates Growth, Development, and Opportunity

When you complete the DISC behavioral assessment, you’re tapping into your communication preferences, fears, strengths, and areas for improvement and significantly increasing your self-awareness. You can immediately identify if you’re more task or people-oriented, which can also help you determine training and certification programs or degree plans that would best suit your personality. With a 4D Report, you can also identify your thinking style (TEAMS,) Values, and Behavioral Attitudes or hidden motivators that drive your perception and interaction with other people in the world around you. Whether you’re in the business of training, sales, leadership, or looking to improve your communication with your family and friends, DISC equips you for success.

The future, for many, remains uncertain. Maybe you’ll have to apply for a new job. Many people who are out of work now may never go back to their former employer, so why not prepare for change by choosing to invest in YOU today? Learn a new skill or upgrade what you know already; the possibilities are endless!

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Written by: Brad Smith

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