Live the Life You Desire: What is a life coach and why should you have one?

What is a Life Coach and why Should you Have One?

Do you feel like you are stuck into a situation and cannot figure out a plan how to move through? Regardless if you have a clear idea what your life goals are or just the opposite – you are not quite sure, there is an expert you can rely on. It’s called a life coach!

What a life coach can do?

A life coach looks at your present situation and provides customized, actionable insights and solutions to help you move forward. A certified behavioral life coach’s goal is to help you create the bridge from where you are now to where you want to be, while providing motivation and accountability along the way. They help you realize and utilize your unique potential to be your best self.

What a life coach will not do?

There is a misconception that life coaches are just for those who need help at doing better at life. A life coach, however, should not be confused with a therapist, who looks at your past and is analytical in assessing your past actions or motivations. A life coach will not provide you with “how-to”, mentorship or consulting, nor will judge your past choices. And if you are just looking for a personal shrink or a friend to tell your stories, then life coach is not for you.

When a life coach is needed most?

In fact, many successful individuals have life coaches to help them personally and professionally. Life is full of undulating moments, but at some point, everyone hits a plateau. Maybe you just need help shifting your mindset or to clarify your goals and get back on track? Here are some situations you would want a certified life coach on your side to see you through:

  • Life or business transitions
  • Financial independence
  • Asking for promotions/advancements
  • Achieving fitness/weight goals
  • Starting a new business or growing an existing one
  • Fostering relationships/connections
  • Work/life balance

Seeking out a life coach for any of the above circumstances is recommended to help you achieve the forward momentum you desire. They have the training and know-how to properly motivate and encourage their clients through tough situations.

What does a life coach do specifically to benefit you?

  • Help you set realistic, achievable goals.
  • Help you create an action plan to achieve those goals.
  • Hold you accountable to the actions to take, while providing motivation and keeping track of your progress.
  • Help you gain a positive mind-set by identifying limiting beliefs and how to overcome them.
  • Help you realize your strengths to maximize your potential.

With a behavioral life coach as your cheerleader and a positive mindset, you will discover your own personal success.

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