Major Attitude!

Major Attitude!

Choosing a college major based on Behavioral Attitudes

“Your attitude determines your altitude.” ~ Zig Ziglar

“Undecided” was the title I wore for several semesters in my college days. Declaring a major seemed like such a daunting task. Even the word “declaring” had a sense of gravitas. This one choice could determine the trajectory of my entire life, and I thought to myself, “I’m not equipped to make that kind of decision!”

The PeopleKeys’ Behavioral Attitudes Index (BAI) can provide you with valuable insight into your hidden passions, interests and motivations. These are the things that drive a person; the things that you will naturally spend time and energy pursuing. The six passions of BAI are:

  • Inner Awareness
  • Social / Humanitarian
  • Power / Political
  • Economic / Tangible
  • Artistic / Innovative
  • Knowledge / Proficiency

Aligning your major of study with your passions will give you a more positive attitude, you will better enjoy your educational experience and graduate knowing yourself more fully. You will have an easier time deciding what you want to do with your life because you will doing something that excites you. In the words of the late Steve Jobs, co-founder of Apple, Inc., “The only way to do great work is to love what you do.”

If you don’t already know what drives you, take the BAI assessment to reveal your passions and check out our suggestions below for choosing major that will have the most positive impact on your life:

Inner Awareness – For you, life is more about the journey than the destination. You look for opportunities to discover truths and are willing to share those truths with others. Consider a major like psychology, counseling, comparative religion, or sociology. Each of these can offer opportunities for self-discovery as well as helping others find clarity too.

Social / Humanitarianism – Your desire to help others is a driving force in your life. Choosing a major like Social Work, Nursing, or Education can provide you with a way. In the words of Robert Frost, “Turn your avocation (your calling) into your vocation (your job).”

Power / Political - Some professions will put you in the driver’s seat so try to look for something that will teach you leadership as well as knowledge. This can be Business Management, Political Science, Law or any other field that will put you at an advantage as opposed to your peers. If you constantly want to be in control or a leadership position -- make sure your major reflects that.

Economic / Tangible – Choose a major that offers a good financial return for your investment. As someone who understands the need for money, choosing a major that offers financial stability is ideal. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the highest paying job (at the time this was written) is an Anesthesiologist. The study also shows the need for healthcare professionals is continually increasing so you may consider Pre-Med or Dentistry. Jobs in Technology or Skilled Trades are also in demand, and offer financial stability in the long-term.

Artistic / Innovative - Find something for your creative outlet. You like to create things and have a way to express yourself, so a major in Creative Arts or English Literature may be perfect for you. Try something you’re talented in or something that gives you joy. Whether that’s music, art, dancing, writing, singing, or acting. Not only can you have a career as a professional in your artform -- there’s always teaching or freelancing. Find a major that will allow you to further develop your creativity.

Knowledge - You’re someone who loves to learn! That passion for learning can be a definite advantage academically, but consider the professional ramifications. A career in Journalism may be a great way for you to make your pursuit of knowledge into a career. Consider the field of research science as well, Chemistry, Geology, Biology, and Physics are all major that will let you learn every day or share what you know. Your love of knowledge can be your key to success while learning in college and for the rest of your life.

As you look further into what college major will be a perfect fit, don’t forget to consider your passions and what makes you happiest.

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