Personality-based way to make a difference on Memorial Day

Personality-based way to make a difference on Memorial Day

Memorial Day and other holidays surrounding remembrance offer a fantastic opportunity to not only consider loved ones who may have passed, but also to make a difference in the world. People often use Memorial Day to attract attention to important causes. Fortunately, DISC theory is a great tool used to assess and provide ideas on how different personalities can honor people and causes they care about. People grieve differently, but each person’s personality style could put a productive spin on a familiar emotion.

“D” Style: Make a Statement

“D” personalities often want to make bold statements about those they care about. For example, these types are more likely to plant a memorial tree, set up a memorial bench, or sponsor an event in the name of a loved one or cause. A “D” can even host a memorial race in which many people can participate and perhaps even donate money to a worthy cause.

For the “D” who wants to make a statement on a budget, hosting a party in the honor of somebody they love is a great way to show they care. A brief dinner or other meal together can be a great time to gather and share stories in a setting where “D’s” don’t have to get too personal. One of the best things about these types of events is they can occur without a “D” having to share a “moment.” “D” styles often don’t want to discuss the sentimental issues with others, but they might want to facilitate an outing where others can. They often find healing listening to these stories.

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“I” Style: Influence Others

Social media is a blessing for many “I” personalities because it allows them to attract so much attention to their passions. An “I” may reach out to others and create a light-hearted dialogue even about difficult subjects. As a result, this personality type could bring some levity to the situation.

Regardless of the environment, “I’s” love to talk about how they feel. Having a small celebration where everybody reminisces about their loved one is a great opportunity. “I” styles often have no problem discussing memories in front of others, so they may enjoy setting up an intimate luncheon or even a large-scale memorial.

The one thing “I’s” need to remember is they should not take on more than they can chew. Taking on every role in a project can overwhelm an “I”, but they are great at leading teams. In doing so, “I’s” also provide others with a sense of acceptance.

“S” Style: Turn to Others

An “S” personality thrives on safety and security, so they may seek relief in others. For this reason, “S” styles may find solace in building a steady foundation working with a group or on a team. They enjoy working with others, so establishing a group event could be rewarding for this individual because he or she has a sense of support. Additionally, “S’s” enjoy seeing something through from beginning to end. An “S” will get a lot of pride out of putting on an event that evolved from a simple idea to remember somebody they care for.

For Memorial Day and other holidays of remembrance, they also appreciates a low-key celebration of life at home. The celebration could involve a creative or artistic ability, like designing candle holders or creating a memory quilt.

“C” Style: Work Behind the Scenes

For many “C” personalities, working behind the scenes is ideal. A “C” might cope well by creating an annual event which can be recreated year after year. Since “C’s” tend to abide by existing systems pretty well, they can easily join a team to memorialize those lost.

Additionally, a “C” could also find great meaning in volunteering with an organization which works toward an important cause. They are task-oriented, though they may not be ready to discuss the passing of those close to them.

As you can see, personality has a lot to do with the way people cope with losing those close to them. It also has a lot to do with what people do to take steps forward, whether they want to heal or contribute to the community. DISC allows insight into the best ways to motivate others to take action to remember the ones they love in a thoughtful, effective manner.

How do you plan on making a difference on this Memorial Day? Share with us in the comments below.


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