The Growing Profession of Life Coaching_ A Statistical Overview

The Growing Profession of Life Coaching: A Statistical Overview

If you're thinking about becoming a Life Coach, we've put together a statistical overview of this growing profession for consideration:

  • Based on research of the International Coach Federation and PeopleKeys survey there are over 22,500 professional life coaches operating in North America, and over 65,000 worldwide
  • PeopleKeys has certified over 11,000 life and business coaches for the past 30 years
  • The International Coach Federation found that, on average, life coaches charge average $214 a session and make at least $60,000 annually if working full-time
  • As a whole, the life coaching industry takes in a yearly revenue of over $2.5 billion
  • The International Coach Federation found that life coaches entering the profession can expect the return on their investment to reach a median of 3.44 times the original amount
  • Businesses that offer life coaching services to their employees have been shown to regain a 300% return on investment
  • A Manchester Consulting Group study of Fortune 500 Companies found that "coaching resulted in a ROI of almost six times the program cost, as well as a 77% improvement in relationships, 67% improvement in teamwork, 61% improvement in job satisfaction, and 48% improvement in quality."

With statistics like these, it’s no wonder that life coaching is becoming one of the fastest growing professions worldwide. If you’re interested in becoming a life coach, PeopleKeys can help.

We offer a Certified Behavioral Life Coach training course. The class uses DISC as the framework behind life coaching strategies, and includes Life Coach Certification, as well as certification in DISC analysis.

Ready to help others reach their life goals? Become a Certified Behavioral Life Coach!

The class is interactive, engaging, and hands-on, and aims to teach students everything they need to know to start a successful life coaching practice. This includes learning marketing techniques, business tools, and enrolling paying clients in your practice before the completion of the class.

Interested in joining a network of thousands certified coaches and experts in human behavior? You can start on the path to becoming a life coach and embarking on an exciting new career.

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