DISC Valentines Day

Use DISC to turn Valentine's Day into Oh Wow!

Valentine's Day is upon us, once again. If this year you hope to escape the clichéd gifts of flowers, chocolates, and the "Luv You Beary Much" stuffed bear, take heart. You can use DISC personality styles to help you create a Valentines to remember.

For the "D" styles

… plan an adventure. Avoid non-activities that require extended periods of just sitting. Try indoor rock climbing, a zip-line, or go-cart racing. Plan an activity that is challenging and gets the heart racing and the blood pumping. Give them some choices and let them make decisions if you aren't sure which to try first. Think about making a "friendly wager" on a game of pool, darts, or putt-putt golf, to tap into their competitive nature.

For the "I" styles

… try something new, exciting, and fun. Consider a mini road trip with three or four destinations. Grab a bite to eat at a taco truck, then catch a set at a comedy club. Don't forget to stay safe by bringing "laughing emoji" face masks. Next, duck out early and rendezvous with friends for ax throwing or arcade games before heading out again for a late-night ice cream cone or cheesecake for two. The "I" style will like interacting with others, as well as the time spent alone while traveling from place to place.

For the "S" styles

… try to make them feel at home, and what better place for the steady style than in their home. Surprise them with a home-cooked, candle-lit dinner or spring for delivery. Make sure you clean up entirely before you stream your favorite movie and snuggle down for the night. Opening gifts of flannel pajamas, fuzzy socks, or a soft fleece blanket can help set the mood of contentment and comfort that most "S" styles enjoy. If you are brave enough, consider participating in an activity together, such as a "sip and paint," doing a craft together, or making a scrapbook of your memories. Long after this night, the "S" will have a scrapbook of memories to remind them how awesome you are.

For the "C" styles

… avoid surprises by letting them know what you are planning. By doing so, they will be impressed by your forethought and consideration. What you may consider spontaneous, they perceive as unplanned and therefore unimportant. Make sure you have your reservations in early, tickets pre-purchased, and arrangements made ahead of time. Schedule a delivery of flowers to arrive during dinner. If you plan to give a gift, buy it, but have the store hold it until you "accidentally" stroll by and see it. If everything has already been arranged, it will mean so much more than a gift simply presented. It's the time and thought that goes into the planning that will make all the difference.

If you haven't yet, sit down and take a DISC assessment together. Don't think about work, but instead think about who you are when you are together. The results of your DISC personality profiles may surprise you, and sharing your reports with each other is a great way to grow closer.

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Written by: John Schindell

John is PeopleKeys' lead trainer. He thrives on providing our customers with a personalized experience through videos, live training events and webinars. He is energized by speaking engagements and leading motivational yoga sessions at the office. Personality Style: I