Will the Real Artist Please Stand Up_

Will the Real Artist Please Stand Up?

Continuing in our series of workplace behavior and predictive hiring analysis, another interesting observation happened during a recent client training session. In fact, this has been a common observation ever since we started implementing the BAI (Behavioral Attitude Index with DISC) and the I-SPEAK report.

This particular client has a “tough-as-nails” manager, who is very dominant with a “no nonsense” approach. We all have co-workers or managers like that, who seem to be difficult to work with, and we wish they would just be more like us….human. And, maybe they are!

I happened to know this manager’s Artistic Expression in the BAI is off the chart, which almost seems contradictory to her D style personality with high Strategy (TEAMS) and strong JUSTICE (Workplace values). I knew no one could have that high of an Artistic portion of their behavioral makeup and not express it somehow, and if not at work then personally. If not, they would surely explode!

So I ventured on out on a limb and asked her, “What do you do to release all this creative Artistic Expression you have?” She looked at me as if I had a crystal ball or some spy device, and then answered, “I am a song writer and composer, and have even written the score for a musical production that is being performed live now.” Everyone in the room sort of gasped, and then someone said, “Cindy, you must be amazing! Can we see something?”

It is said that a good consultant (or attorney…LOL) should know the answer to the question before asking so you are never surprised or caught off-guard. I must admit, I was caught off-guard, and while we were watching a couple numbers from her musical, I was thinking of how to get the training session back on-track.

As with many things in life, accidents and coincidences often become solutions. Every time I visit this location someone says to me, “You should see what Cindy has done now!” The overall goal of the teambuilding exercise and Pro-Sold sales training was to promote communication, teamwork and rapport…and to make Cindy seem more approachable and human. Mission accomplished!

If you haven’t already done so, you should take the 4D assessment on yourself and someone else you work with. You never know what your “crystal ball” will show you about them, and how to work more closely together. You might even find something out about yourself you didn’t already know!

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Written by: Brad Smith

Bradley Smith, Ph.D. is the Director of International Business Development at PeopleKeys, and works directly with our international distributors and business partners. Personality Style: D