DISC personality and teaching style

DISC Personality and Teaching Style

Believe it or not, your personality not only dictates your behavior, but also the way you teach, the classroom environment you create, and even the results and motivation of your students. The more you understand who you are and the more you learn about behaviors in general, you will become a more "behaviorally intelligent" educator by applying DISC theory in your classroom environment and beyond. Have you ever had a student you just couldn’t seem connect with, no matter what you’ve tried? It may actually be a clash with your personality types, and you simply need to adjust your approach. Based on how the student reacts to your approach, you could find your own personality beginning to change and adjust to meet theirs with understanding. Easily discover which type of teaching style best relates to your personality type, and how can you apply it to the classroom by first taking your DISC Assessment. Then, read on to learn which of the four DISC personality types or combination of styles resonates with the style of teacher or educator you might be:

The Daring Teacher

If your report results in a “Dominant” personality style, you should know that “Ds” have excellent time and classroom management skills. You put an extra effort into students you feel will most benefit from what you offer in the classroom, but may become frustrated with students who make excuses or simply slack. As a teacher, you see the big picture and make an excellent sports coach, too. You like to win and are proud with the achievements of your students. At the same time, you may use some challenging approaches, have no problem imposing discipline and authority in your classroom, and your teaching style tends to involve some type of an award system for your students. You’ll most likely teach classes on business, history, leadership or finance. You are “hardcore” on the facts and will not overexplain or repeat them, but will encourage the students to apply the learnt material in a practical way.

I wasn’t planning to write about the D-type teacher too much, but felt compelled to share my favorite teacher who made the biggest impact on me was a “D” style. He and I (an ISC blend or False D) often went head-to-head in disagreement within the classroom. I wasn’t afraid of him, but almost all of the other students in our classroom were. He kept the bullies in line and made students afraid to not study or do their homework. He held a 30+ year tenure at our high school, taught world history, and was also a football coach during that time. While the typical classroom at my school was loud and disruptive, we were quiet as a mouse. He was an in-your-face type of teacher, and you quickly learned what was most relevant.

The Inspiring Teacher

If your DISC profile shows you have “Influential” personality, then you probably are the teacher everyone will always remember with a smile! You may be teaching language arts, literature, music, or crafts. You are inspiring, charismatic and socially adept. You are also the cool teacher who might not require students to do homework every night, and the teacher who parents and kids are likely friends with on social media and guaranteed to keep in touch with throughout the years. Your teaching approach is focused on discussion, discovery, and creativity. Your style is animated, engaging and you have a great sense of humor. You gamify the learning process so your students naturally will remember a lot of the material covered during class. One of your possible limitations is your lack of listening skills. Your will need to understand not everyone understands things from the start, so try to be patient and attentive to what your students aren’t saying and work with them on their individual concerns. You might genuinely assume everyone is having fun, which may not always be the case.

The Patient Teacher

The traditional and old-fashioned teacher usually belongs to the “Steady” personality style. You are the educator who makes students open their books and also sends them to do additional work outside of the classroom. Your natural interests are in health science, history, philosophy, and life skills. You will teach the “how’s” and “why’s,” as you critically build according to structure and process. As a teacher, you go above and beyond for your students to show them you are understanding and a good listener. You excel at creating peace while enjoying the team dynamic, and will often pair students into groups. An “S” style of teacher needs to be careful not to be too critical of their students, understand they are just learning the process, and may need to adjust to procedure. One downfall of the “S” personality is the fear of change, so you may need to work on improving your flexibility and ability to multitask.

The Conscientious Teacher

The teachers who are “Compliant” personality style are the definition of “high standards” and the hardest “A” to get. You probably teach math, physics, chemistry or engineering. You are analytical and fact-finders, driven by solutions, results and numbers. Research is your thing, and you may also find your classroom becomes your own private study group. You understand the future is dictated by the past, so due process is everything. Here’s the problem: You connect the dots easily. Not everyone can do that. So, while, worksheets and formulas may have worked for you, you may need to find ways to be more hands-on and creative. As a teacher, you need to learn not to be afraid of making learning fun and don’t bog down your students with an abundance of homework. Some of the students will need extra help and patience as they grow. “C” teachers need to be careful not to move too quickly through any of their lessons and help students understand, while demonstrating the subject in action.

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