DIY with DISC_ Sure, you could try that…

DIY with DISC? Sure, you could try that…

Business consultants and coaches who use DISC theory as part of their “tool box” may believe they don’t need to become certified. True, your experience may be enough to coach clients using the basic observable principles of DISC. While you can read about the benefits of the PeopleKeys certification here, you may want to consider some hidden advantages actual training will provide you.

Since most of us talk about the “tool box” we bring to address client challenges, let’s use that to understand what I’m talking about. Any of you who have taken on a do-it-yourself project at home will definitely relate (I am in that category…)

Here are four ways PeopleKeys DISC certification translates into a better outcome for you and your clients:

1. Be Fully Prepared Before Starting the Job.

One of the most common tools is a hammer. There is a saying, “If all you have is a hammer, then everything looks like a nail.” Think of the basic DISC as a hammer. If you’ve just been using it one way, you may have not been addressing the problem in the best way. Consider there are different types of hammers, each specialized for specific tasks.

Similarly, do you realize PeopleKeys has over 900 variations of assessments and reports tailored for different situations? In the certification training, you are presented with a massive PeopleKeys “mechanic” set of tools, or ways to use not only DISC, but other behavioral tools too. These applications have been developed over decades with research to back them up. Now, when a client calls you to talk about a challenge they are facing, you are fully prepared to present the best solution.

2. Know All Possible Uses of Each Tool

Even if you engage with a client with a full toolbox, if you don’t know how to properly use each tool, you could very well do more harm than good! A simple tool example would be if you needed to chisel the head off of a metal bolt. If you don’t know the difference, you might choose a wood chisel instead of a metal chisel, destroying the tool and not accomplishing your goal.

When you learn about all of the PeopleKeys’ tools, you’ll gain insight on how to select the best tool, how to properly use it, and how it can be used in conjunction with other assessments. Instead of using trial and error to learn, you’ll be more efficient in delivering results to your client.

3. Custom-design DISC coaching solutions

I was recently installing house siding, and I thought about a tool which might help me improve how quickly I was moving along with the project. When I checked online, I found no such tool, so I ended up making my own. My point is, sometimes, even some of our pre-packaged targeted solutions will need more customization for a specific client.

One of my former clients wanted to weave one of the DISC assessments into their in-house project management training. Because I knew the specific assessment well, I was able to meet this need for them. But I would have done double the work if I didn’t know about the off-the-shelf solution that got me most of the way there.

4. Your Mechanic Can’t “Talk You Through It”

Finally, another way to see this is to think about repairing your own car. Let’s say you start taking apart your transmission based on a book you bought. Pretty soon, you’re in over your head. You might call the local mechanic to walk you through the 4-hour process in 20 minutes over the phone, but even if they were willing to give you that much free help, it’s not ideal.

PeopleKeys’ team helps out with competence and expertise too, but when the questions deal with the processes and nuances covered in the DISC certification training, you risk not being able to “put the car back together” in the correct way as you rarely share all details you otherwise know aside of the specific DISC matter. And, once again, it’s not the best use of your time, calling the “mechanic” every time a new challenge arises.

If you’ve ever vowed not to return to a mechanic or use a certain contractor after they failed to meet your expectations, think about that same concept in terms of your clients. You’ll miss future work with them and their referrals.

Learn more on how to invest in yourself with DISC certification training and extend your impact.

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