Fill your Easter Baskets with Personality-based Ideas

Fill your Easter Baskets with Personality-based Ideas

Easter is a celebration of rebirth, and is a good time to also renew relationships by showing people around you your understanding of their personalities. DISC theory, a universal language of communication, teaches us everyone has their specific preferences, approaches and little quirks. This also applies to the types of gifts they enjoy to receive the most! At Easter, it is a tradition to give a basket to colleagues, family members and kids as a sign of appreciation. Here are few ideas you can use for Easter baskets, based on the personality style of the recipient:

“D” Style Easter basket

“D” styles like gifts of appreciation to remind them their everyday efforts are noticed and valued. Make sure your Easter basket calls attention to their achievements and supports their drive in everything they do. Try a big chocolate bunny and tickets to the local racing alley – both will pump their adrenaline up. Don’t forget, your appreciation needs to be shown in a sincere way as a “D” can sense hypocrisy from 10 miles away.

“I” Style Easter basket

Remember, everything is social when it comes to the “I” personality. They want to feel like a VIP while also enjoying themselves with others, especially those they spend the most time with. A true life-of-the-party, consider gifting them a social club membership or tickets to a social event or community function and include some fun, practical joke toys in their basket. Let them talk and feel like this is their time to shine. It might seem like a big ordeal, but it will also provide everyone involved with memories sure to last a lifetime.

“S” Style Easter basket

During Easter remind the “S” style it is perfectly okay to take care of themselves too, as they normally carry the stress of the world on their shoulders and forget they are also important. Give them a sense of security by providing IOU certificates to cover some of their chores, along with their favorite coffee, hot cocoa or tea, and a new book in their basket. Don’t be surprised that they’ll still keep an eye on you how you handle the chores if they actually turn in the IOU, and may make every excuse just to jump in and help.

“C” Style Easter basket

The "C" style Easter basket needs to be more than just color coordinated, logically arranged and organized…it should feed into their passions. Give them a gift they will really like! Include some puzzles, analytics tools, software or a science club membership in their basket, and you probably will not hear any noise from them before they manage to tackle all the mysteries of their new gifts.

Don’t forget that sharing is caring, so share this post with your friends, along with your DISC personality style, so they know how to surprise you during this holiday too. Don’t know your personality style? Click here to find out. Happy Easter!

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Written by: Jessica N. Abraham

Jessica is passionate about “people” and helping them to evolve professionally. Her “I-style” personality trait has led her to 15+ years of service to public relations, social branding, and design strategy.