Hiring top-executives is a two-way process

Hiring Top-Executives is a Two-Way Process

Hiring has always been a two-way process, even though many HR professionals, coaches, and business owners can be making the mistake of accepting it as a one-sided road. There is a switch in the hiring market, and most companies don't really want to talk about it – especially when hiring for high-level positions.

For each new position, hiring managers are stuck sifting through 200 or more resumes on average. Many are vague or duties-based, with few talking about the cause and effect of what the candidate has done in their previous role. They lack in showcasing the candidates’ true impact they had on the previous company they worked for. It’s alarming to think there are really not enough qualified candidates to fulfill each position. The truth is the hiring process needs to be reinvented according to the modern trends of empowering and understanding human behavior.


The hiring process should also be candidate-centered – not just centered around what makes things easier for the employer. In reality, what seems to be easier on the surface is taking away from the quality of the workforce. Every prospect entering into the organization should be properly vetted before being officially welcomed into the family.

So what if a candidate can lift 50 lbs.? Do they act cautiously around hazardous goods and effectively embody a candidate who uplifts their team on a regular basis? Is this someone who can and will take charge, while factoring everybody else into the decision?

This employee-centered approach to hiring is not always about what the business needs, but what the candidate has been trained to do. Your company would need someone who can bring more to the table and is trustworthy. Successful teams want someone who can stand under pressure and be able to motivate others to do the same. An HR manager simply can’t grant this will happen by only analyzing a resume in a one or two-page format.

You can’t afford to hire, train or onboard someone, who will need to be replaced shortly after being hired. Your business can’t really afford mishaps on the job or high turnover ratios. Domino effects can occur, and you will need to properly introduce new talent into a solid environment. Even vinegar will be calm and productive, but once baking soda enters its vessel – all hell will break loose and everything you worked so hard to settle will overflow in straight chaos!


The hiring manager can’t always gage who someone is just by looking at their resume. Yes, you might see what your candidates have done or the results of what they have achieved. How do they work within a team? Do they take lead? Do they take a more subtle approach to supporting the mission?

Wouldn’t it be great if you could just take out a magnifying glass and see who each candidate truly is at the core of what they do? What are their ambitions? What are their motivators? Do they have a vision for success, or do they operate, based on whether the wind is blowing towards them or away?


How does your candidate operate when thrown against a wall with hands up, almost in surrender? Does stress dictate the way they think? Does it dictate the way they operate? How does stress affect them internally? Is this person driven by challenge, or does it put them in a state of cataplexy?

Remember that everyone changes, whether for better or worse. Wouldn’t it be nice to see how your candidate reacts in a stressful environment without being placed under the microscope for further examination? Wouldn’t it benefit your organization to trust them to operate flawlessly, as you take the back seat to just let them “do their thing?”


The good news is that you can. By implementing pre-assessment screening, you can create a system that either ushers in the right talent, based on the personality you are seeking, or you can create a system that eliminates candidates, based on the personalities traits that you want most. Can you imagine a hiring process that allows you to live by a team-driven culture? One that allows you to add qualified candidates into your business family, based on personality, merit and how their presence will make a positive impact on your everyday environment?

Once again, you will be able to embrace the workplace as somewhere people can grow, prosper and share a unified vision. You can count on your team to get the job done, be more productive than ever, and output quality with commitment and no ulterior motive. You can eliminate negativity and bar those who lack a sense of morals and ethics.

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Written by: Jessica N. Abraham

Jessica is passionate about “people” and helping them to evolve professionally. Her “I-style” personality trait has led her to 15+ years of service to public relations, social branding, and design strategy.