How to Motivate Yourself for More Gym Action with DISC

How to Motivate Yourself for More Gym Action with DISC

One of the top 10 new year’s resolutions is living healthier, visiting the gym more often and maintaining this perfect vision that most of the modern fashion icons suggest. A proven fact, however, is that these types of resolutions usually get abandoned somewhere in the middle of January, and then when summer comes – you may start feeling the guilt of eating all these delicious pies and cupcakes!

The truth is – you cannot “uneat” all these yummy temptations but it is never too late to make a new beginning. Now, when summer is almost over and pretty soon it will be time to close up the swimming pool, put away your bathing suits and start layering up your sweaters, scarves and flannels, doesn’t mean you cannot restart your new-years plans!

Working out is never easy, but hopefully the ideas below will help motivate you to meet your fitness goals and improve your self-perception regardless of the time of year. If you don’t already know your DISC personality style, take the DISC assessment to know what trait category you best fall into. Each DISC type has a unique set of strengths, and the below suggestions will help make working out easier and hopefully feel more natural to your unique personality type:

Make a bet with yourself

If you are a D – Dominant Style, you love challenges -- but what’s even better is winning! Challenge a group of your closest pals, coworkers, family, or just a group of people who want to lose a few pounds and compete. “Biggest Loser” challenges were a huge hit just a few years back -- so why not get a group together and do what you know best -- dominate the field. Before you know it, you’ll have the body of a champion.

Share your progress online

High I (Influential) personalities love trying the newest thing. Stalk social media for the latest trend in exercise. Zumba, yoga, bodhi, spinning, kick boxing or any other activity that gets you with a group of people will be sure to get your blood pumping. Or, if you don’t have the cash for the coolest classes, try working out to YouTube videos. Be sure to snap a picture for all your followers #GettingFit.

Find a supporting group

You’re known for being there when it counts -- even when you’re not counting calories. But seriously, people with a high S personality are known for their support and willingness to help. There are plenty of companies that will hire supportive people to lead what they call, “fitness journeys” and you don’t have to be an expert. Just someone who shares what they think of the journey, and are there for anyone else making the trip to a healthier lifestyle.

Make a plan and stick to it

High C personalities love numbers, facts and not wasting time. Now, it’s time to skip the cheat days. You know the facts, and cutting calories will most likely equal cutting pounds. Try a membership at the local gym and make an appointment with a nutritionist and personal trainer. This will help you to create a plan with goals to make the most of your time and effort. You’re all about achievements and taking what you want seriously. So skip the dessert and get to work!

Not only will these tips help you get fit for the end of summer, but with a perfect personality match, I’m sure you’ll be on the road to a happier life. Need additional motivation? Read more on our blog: How DISC can help you reach your health and fitness goals.

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Written by: Nicolette Pizzuto

Nicolette loves bringing conversational topics to readers to inform them about their own DISC personality traits. She also enjoys yoga, hiking, spending time with friends, and utilizing social media to find the perfect place around town for a trendy photo-op. Personality Style: I