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Last Minute Secret Santa Gifts Based on DISC Personality Styles

It’s that time of year when the Yuletide spirit overtakes us and we decide to engage in gift exchanges with co-workers and friends. If you’re like me, you want to select the right gift for each person. But, sometimes you need a little help choosing the right present. For those last-minute shoppers out there still pondering what to get the person who has it all, here are some small, but thoughtful gift ideas perfect for each personality style. If you’re not sure of the personality style of the person you’re gifting, learn more about how you can determine this based on observable behaviors.


The “D” personality style is usually a “go big or go home” type of person when it comes to their toys. However, this style also has a sentimental side that values any gift that makes them feel appreciated and you put some thought into. Tickets for a favorite sporting event or concert, golf balls or a gift card toward another hobby they enjoy, or a nice pen set to help them be more productive. When in doubt, give cash and an engraved plaque that says “World’s Greatest…” to proudly hang on the wall.

The “I” personality style loves gifts that are cool and trendy, or anything funny that’s sure to spark a conversation or a laugh. Tickets to a comedy show or concert with friends, a favorite funny movie they like to quote, fun printed socks or gag gifts are sure to delight them. Even a funny game, like “The Blockbuster Party Game” bringing some 90's nostalgia with movie trivia, that they can play with friends and family is sure to be hit.

The “S” personality style adores sentimental or personalized gifts. Framed photos or collages with friends and family, a cozy throw blanket or scarf personalized with their initials or a pair of movie tickets they can attend with a friend will make them feel special and adored as the loyal friend they are.

The “C” personality style, being fans of lists and planners, value a new yearly planner they can create lists and plan for their world domination in quality and excellence both personally and professionally. Also appreciated are gifts that are functional, such as pencil cases with fun (maybe sarcastic) sayings on them. Who said that “C” styles don’t have a sense of humor? Adult coloring books are also a great gift for relieving the stresses of living a perfectionistic lifestyle.

When in doubt, any style can use a fun stress ball to squeeze away the holiday stress, or in the case of a “D” style, to throw at their annoying co-worker or friend. Hopefully this list will help relieve your stress of trying to figure out the perfect last-minute gifts.

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