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Welcome to the holiday season, which is also the time of year almost every work email sent out is returned with an “out of office” reply message. While most people are still enjoying holiday cheer away from the workplace, we thought it’d be fun to explore the different types of automated messages typically set up by each personality style before they exit the office for their holiday.

The “D” dominant personality style is usually too busy to remember the insignificant detail of setting up their out of office message before jetting off for their holiday vacation. Typically being work-a-holics, the autoresponder is unnecessary anyways, as they will reply to important emails right away regardless of whatever holiday festivities they are attending. If it’s not important, they’ll still check their email but don’t expect any replies. If a “D” style does remember to set up his/her away message, the message is either blank or straight to the point simply stating, “I’m out of the office” or “See you next year.”

The “I” Influential personality styles, when they remember to put up their away message, will typically re-use the last out of office message they had previously set up. You’ll know an “I” style right away because the responding message will have the dates from their summer vacation two years ago. Those “I” styles who do take the time to change up their away message will use this resource as an opportunity to have some fun and entertain their email solicitors. A link to a Jib-Jab card with their co-workers crafted as dancing elves or some other creative, enjoyable holiday meme is sure to elicit a positive response from their peers.

If you need help coming up with a unique message of your own, check out these fun out of office messages curated by Hubspot.

The “S” stable personality styles love to give their out of office messages a personal touch to make sure their receivers know they are important by apologizing for not being available and will have a response back as soon as possible. They might even add in a pretty Christmas gif or holiday family photo to spread the joy of the season to their colleagues or customers. Unlike the “D” style, the S styles won’t be checking their emails while away from the office so they want to make sure their contacts receive an email that shows it’s important to take time out from work to enjoy the holiday with loved ones.

The conscientious “C” styles make sure they put in all the details necessary for their away messages. How long they will be gone, when they will return and the contact information for all the right people someone might need to reach in their absence is sure to be included. You might even receive a picture of a holiday “Dilbert” comic or “grumpy cat” meme if they are feeling particularly festive.

Have you set up or received any fun or interesting out of office messages this holiday season? Let us know in the blog comments below!

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