3 opportunities for coaches working with remote teams

Three Opportunities for Coaches Working with Remote Teams

Working from home is here to stay. There is a continuing upward trend of companies operating in a "work from home" environment and hiring a remote workforce instead of requiring employees to be on-site in a physical office space. This is opening opportunities for acquiring talent beyond local boundaries. According to the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), "more companies will continue to adopt virtual recruiting technologies; shift talent attraction efforts to remote candidates; consider internal talent pools; and focus more on diversity, equity, and inclusion." This remote workforce trend can present unique challenges to business leaders that coaches or consultants, like yourself, can guide them through.

Here are three opportunities to help businesses prepare for remote talent growth:

How well do they know their current team dynamics?

Take time to work with business leaders to assess current employees to understand their strengths and limitations. This resource will give you the ability to identify how to help leaders mentor team members in a way that will help them grow and develop their workplace strengths in their roles, as well as create a culture of inclusion. It will also help you identify gaps where you can advise leaders to either hire from within or apply predictive hiring methods in the hiring process to fill in team gaps.

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How can you help them hire smarter and more effectively to fill in remote team gaps?

As mentioned above, there could be an opportunity to help business leaders and hiring managers fill in remote team gaps by using predictive hiring for acquiring new talent. Using the PeopleKeys 4D Report results, you can work with leaders to identify current employees with the desired strengths for an open job role. You can use the 4D profile of one or more superstar performers to create a custom occupational benchmark, or you can choose to apply a PeopleKeys® standard industry benchmark if no desired profile is identified. The best-fit candidates can easily be determined when assessed on whether they fall within the preferred benchmark. It's recommended to ask more behavioral interview questions to those candidates who fit the desired job role skillset but fall outside the benchmark. Make sure to engage new recruits actively through a successful onboarding program.

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How can you help them when communication challenges arise?

Assessing team members and leaders also helps to provide self-awareness to the teams and their managers for recognizing different communication styles and how to communicate more effectively with each other in their virtual work environment. Feedback and open communication are crucial for remote work teams to be successful and stay engaged. This can also open the opportunity for you to do a virtual DISC or 4D team-building training.

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As a coach or consultant, you have the skills and tools to help remote team business leaders make the best decisions to build successful teams, and grow and retain their remote workforce. By providing solutions that are easy to apply and efficient for your clients, you'll retain loyal clients as you continue to help them meet their needs.

Your benefit to virtual business teams is your expertise and knowledge in DISC behavioral analysis and applying the other PeopleKeys behavioral assessments that reveal more profound knowledge than just observable behavior. To learn more about how to use more than just DISC in your coaching or consulting business and enhance your behavioral understanding, add to your credentials and profitability as a PeopleKeys® Certified Behavioral Consultant.

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