Social media activity, based on personality type

Social Media Activity, Based on Personality Type

You've heard it time and time again (and, you're going to continue hearing it) ... "We're all different. But, we're all predictably different." As true as this statement is to our walking life, why would it be any different when it comes to social media? We're on social media, because everyone else is. But, not all of us are on there to communicate. While Grandma is busy giving "love" to all of her grandchildren, others are networking. Some are trying out new recipes, and others are busy looking at stats. So, who's doing what and why from a personality point-of-view? Let's take a closer look.

The Dominant Style

Don’t know what’s  your personality style?  Find out now!“Ds” don’t always speak on social media as they use it mostly to accomplish a goal or find information quickly. When they speak, however, they’re most passionate about the subject. They’re jumping on our posts, soliciting unwanted advice or showing why they are most qualified to speak on a specific subject.

“Ds” usually will share something related to business, politics, the sporting world -- or maybe even religion. They’re telling us about their accomplishments or the lives of those they admire. Yet, they’re still private when it comes to their own, and we don’t even realize it! We think we know. But, we simply don’t.

Social network of choice? Most likely, LinkedIn.

The Influential Style

The influencer. The socialite. The impulsive Master of Social Media. “I” styles post all day, every day… with no particular direction that comes to mind. They’re here to socialize, meet new people and have a good time. They embrace the hashtag and take every quiz. While they may be on social media to network (Afterall, they have mastered it), they are mainly here for their leisure. They talk to everyone and anyone. They’re here for the likes and fueled by the laughs. They may even go live! And, that’s what makes them intriguing. That’s why it’s not hard to get others to click.

Social network of choice? Facebook is their TV, but that’s not all there is. They’re on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Snapchat and even Pinterest -- at the same time.

The Steady Style

“S” styles enjoy social media, because it keeps them connected, and at the same time allows them to be private. They only accept friend requests from people they know. They’re here for the inspiration, for the pictures and their loved ones. They share videos of cute cats and actually try out those new recipes. Their posts are infrequent, but they’re sharing and liking all the time. They may ride the “visible to” throttle. They keep some posts ultra-private, while they disclose others to their network.

Social media helps them unwind, but they don’t care about the likes or the friend count. They’re most likely on your page more than you are on theirs. They’re actually very supportive and most likely to have confused 🙏 for praying on more than one occasion.

Social network of choice? Snapchat makes “Ss” blush and LinkedIn is too intimidating. They’re on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest most of the time.

The Compliant Style

The “C” style keeps their social activity very private. They see everything, but they will rarely comment on any post. They don’t want anyone to click on their page. They analyze the network, algorithms, and page reach and engagement. They like to read, learn and gather other pertinent information before going on with their day. They analyze the world around them. They’re avid anti-social social media users with everything to say -- yet they never say it. They’re connected to friends, family and even their colleagues. For this, they rarely ever post. They’re worried about what those close to them might think. They’re worried about how people will react and overanalyze what we say.

Social network of choice? They have an account on every network, but leave us wondering if they ever log in since they keep silent. You’ll find them on Reddit, Facebook Pages, GitHub, analytics pages and other niche forums around the web -- you know, someplace they can hide and observe from a distance.

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Written by: Jessica N. Abraham

Jessica is passionate about “people” and helping them to evolve professionally. Her “I-style” personality trait has led her to 15+ years of service to public relations, social branding, and design strategy.