Soft Skills to Borrow From Each DISC Style

Soft Skills to Borrow From Each DISC Style

While hard skills, such as typing, computer programming, and proficiency in a foreign language may be emphasized in schools to prepare for the workforce, soft skills are just as needed and sometimes even underrated. Everyone is born with specific natural soft skills, which we develop and enhance as we grow. These skills are essential in many different aspects of life and some of them include: communication, effective time management, creative thinking, loyalty, and teamwork.

These soft skill strengths relate to the different personality traits and communication preferences each person has and which can easily be assessed with a 7-minute quick DISC assessment, revealing your main, secondary and potentially tertiary personality style. Each style has their strengths, but also some limitations. While summer may be a time for fun and relaxation, it can also be a time to focus on developing your soft skills further or acquiring a skill you may have ignored. To do this, you can learn and mimic the strengths of other personality styles, and try to grow these strengths for yourself. Read below about some primary soft skills of each of the four main types, and what you can borrow from each of them for your own personal growth this summer.

Problem-solving skills

The dominant (D) personality type people tend to be direct, risk-takers, and decisive. “D” styles tend to be good problem solvers and results-driven. This means they see the big picture and expect the task to be completed quickly. Borrowing their determination will help you overcome obstacles and moments of hardship easier with persistence. Enhancing your problem-solving skills can also improve your studying skills and even help you in some social situations.

Positive mental attitude

The (I) Influential style tends to be creative, talkative and encouraging. “Is” are known for their positive attitude. Developing a positive mindset can decrease the amount of stress during the school year. This can be established by meditating, focusing on what’s important and talking issues out. There are so many ways to enhance this particular trait, it is important to branch out and experiment with different methods of development.

Listening skills

Steady or stable “S” style are people-oriented and good team players. This trait is known for being a good listener. Learn to develop this soft skill through practicing active listening activities with a close friend or family member. Being a better listener will help you communicate better with your class or teammates, and also help you retain more information taught in the classroom.

Analytical skills

The compliant “C” personality type tends to be very analytical and precise, focusing on even the smallest of details. They do this in the hope of improving situations and solving problems. Improve your “C” soft skills simply by taking the time to think even minute details through. It takes an abundance of discipline to constantly analyze data and situations. This can be accomplished through note taking and revising work, which can result in taking more time to complete tasks such as chores or a daily job. These small steps can improve you academically and your accuracy in the things you do.

Summer break is a time of potential and growth. While many are excited for the warmer weather and outdoor activities, it is also important to prepare ourselves for the upcoming school year or a new job. By knowing ourselves and our DISC style, we can focus on the soft skills we need to become better students and employees. If you don’t know your DISC style and personal strengths, take a DISC assessment here.

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Written by: Christina Haught

Christina is one of our Gen Z contributors, providing insight into the minds of our youngest generation coming into the workforce. She enjoys writing, cross-country running and snuggling with her two dogs, Oscar and Cheyenne. Personality Style: CS