DISC Personality and College Roommates

StudentKeys: DISC Personality and College Roommates

You’ve probably already been matched for a roommate on campus and if that’s the case, this article is for you. Let’s take a look at what kind of roommate you would be based on your observable behavior, or DISC personality style, and some tips for keeping the peace. 

Hopefully this will help you get through the year with a new friend. If you don’t know what DISC style you are, start your StudentKeys Binder with the DISC Personality Style workbook to find out.

A “D” personality style is a born leader and tends to be domineering toward everyone, including their roommate. You want to choose the party, who you’re going to study with and when it’s time to take a lazy day instead of studying. This also means you have no trouble going out on your own -- just like the “I” style. Instead of pushing everyone to do all the things you want to do, check in with your roomie to get his or her input also.

You’re an “I” personality style and not afraid of letting loose or getting to know people...and you can also be extremely messy when it comes down to it. You’d rather be out meeting people than in a study session; let alone helping clean up around the common area. You are also the life of the party and not afraid to be yourself. To help keep your space...and stuff...under control, schedule in some time each day to wrangle up your mess. Even if that includes shoving it all under your bed before heading out to a party.

To an “S” personality style, your roommate can be your best friend or your worst enemy. Either way, you make a point of being there for them and they know that. You keep up a balancing act of study partner, friend, an ear to listen to any vent session and helpful hand. However, being a stable personality may also put yourself on the backburner. Hit the gym for a group fitness class a few nights a week to reduce stress and keep yourself in balance.

If you’re a “C” personality style, you’re focused on what you’re actually in college for: class. You can be a perfect study buddy when crunch time is upon your dorm floor, but you can also be completely “off the grid” the rest of the semester. You also have priorities set to put your best foot forward with your studies, and little time to party with your peers. To keep yourself from burning out, schedule in some time to do something fun now and then with your roomie. Go for a nature hike or check out the latest sci-fi movie.

Now that you know what kind of roommate you are, read this article on how to be a better roommate no matter what your DISC styles are.

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