StudentKeys_ 6 Tips on How to be a Better Roommate

StudentKeys: 6 Tips on How to be a Better Roommate

College is a lot more different than most high school experiences, and that can start with your new “home away from home.” One thing to consider when getting a new roommate is your personality style and how it can blend -- or clash -- with another. Most likely, you’ve already been paired with a roommate. 

If not and you have the ability to choose who you’re paired with, try choosing someone that might be a good fit with your DISC personality style. Sometimes opposites attract and a personality style opposite of yours will make a better roommate that someone just like you. Learn more about what kind of roommate each DISC personality style can be.

Regardless of your personality style, here are some tips to building a good relationship with your roommate:

1. Keep communication open

Communication should be a main component of healthily living with another person. Not only will this help build a better friendship, it can also stop possible arguments before they form. Set boundaries and expectations up front, and don’t be afraid to tactfully let the other person know what is bothering you and what you won’t stand for.

2. Respect each other’s personal space

Make sure to respect your roommate’s personal space. Most likely your new living space is a lot smaller than what you’re used to, and you’re now splitting that small room in half. Make sure to let your roommate have their space by only taking over half of the room.

3. Get out of your room and explore your surroundings

That cramped room is only a small part of your college experience so make sure to get out of your room every once in a while. This can also help in giving your roommate some much needed space.

4. Set aside some roommate bonding time

Roommates can have a special bond. No one else might find out about your night routine or how you spent the day binging a show on Netflix instead of studying for your exam. Try to get to know your roommate better by spending some extra time together. Why don’t you go through your results from the different workbooks of the StudentKeys binder together? This will help you understand each other better and how to communicate efficiently.

5. Utilize the buddy system

At least for the first day, you and your roommate may only know each other. Make sure to invite them to come with when you venture out. Bringing someone you know can also make you feel more comfortable.

6. Make new friends

Worst case scenario, you may not get along with your roommate. Although there are many amazing pairs of roommates, it’s not the worst thing if you don’t become BFFs. Make sure you have more people to lean on than just the person you live with. And they always say knowing more people will help you grow. See these tips on how to make friends quicker in college.

We hope move-in and your experience with your new roommate goes smoothly. Have you had any interesting roommate experiences or advice you’d like to share? Let us know in the blog comments below.

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