StudentKeys_ How to combat homesickness

StudentKeys: How to Combat Homesickness

Preparing for college can be fun -- new clothes, a new room, and a whole lot of freedom. Being lonely -- and homesick -- isn’t one of those fun, new things. Making sure to stay busy is critical to getting rid of the homesickness blues – and we have a list to help you make it through:

Stay busy

Make sure you have an ongoing list of what needs to be done and what you want to do. Sure, it starts with missing one assignment -- but forgetting one assignment can turn into skipping classes and eating a never-ending amount of ramen for every meal. Make sure to create a to-do list. Unsure where to start, read this article, Making the Perfect To-Do List.

Set a schedule

With all this new-found freedom you may feel a little too out-of-control. Make sure to know what needs to be done and when exactly that starts. I did this during college by using a Google calendar and writing when everything was due for every class, when I had practice or a meeting, when there was an event I wanted to attend, and even everyday tasks. Yes, this means doing laundry, attempting to clean your room, and trying to make a halfway decent meal. If you need a little more help with learning how to do this, check out this article, Set Goals with Calendar Blocking. Having your life together – or attempting to get it together – can make you feel a little better and more dependent.

Break out the family photos

Set up a picture board, or have a few frames filled so you can remember all your memories. As you continue on your new journey, set up a few more filled with all of the new friends you’ve made.

Take some time for yourself

Try to set aside at least one night each week to do anything you want. Whether that’s going to a cafe for coffee or scheduling a workout at the rec center, taking time for yourself can help battle the blues.

Try something new

Whether this is an activity or simply getting to know your new city, getting out of your comfort zone can get you out of your head. Just doing that can help take your mind off of the people and place you miss.

Make new friends

Finding people you can relate with makes being in a new place feel like a home-away-from-home. If you need some help, here’s an article of tips How to make friends quicker in college.

Make a home cooked meal

Nothing makes a new place feel like home quite like a homemade meal can. Especially when what you’ve been switching up on your plate consists of changing between cold cereal, ramen and mac and cheese. Get out a cookbook and take over the shared dining room. If you can’t find a kitchen, try going to a local restaurant instead.

Call your mom

Sometimes your schedule can leave calling your parents, siblings, or hometown friends on the back burner. Make sure to make a point of calling them regularly to keep them updated on your life.

Make plans to go home

Whether you’re planning a trip to see your family in a week or taking time to talk about Thanksgiving dinner in a few months, making definite plans can set your mind at ease. Before you know it, you’ll be back at home!

Invest time into personal growth

Changing the home environment with the academic excitement can be an excellent motivator to invest time into your personal growth. Discover the StudentKeys Student Binder with six wonderful books to walk you through the depths of your personality, asess your perceptual learning style and congitive learning style, discover what your values are, learn how to set goals and choose your career path. Download a free e-book How to Unlock Your Potential with StudentKeys.

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