StudentKeys_ How to make friends quicker in college

StudentKeys: How to Make Friends Quicker in College

Starting at a new school can be hard -- when you’re away from home it can be even harder. That is why making friends can be so helpful.

When I moved away from home to go to a publishing school in NYC I was completely lost -- a fish out of water. Quite frankly, I was miserable until I met some amazing people I genuinely loved hanging out with.

Making friends can be difficult -- especially when you’re older, but it’s possible. Some of the tips can be relatable in your StudentKeys DISC assessment -- if you don’t know what personality you have already, then take the test! With these tips, we hope you can make a few friends you’ll keep for your years in college and beyond.

1. Start up the conversation.

Use your inner I personality and become a social butterfly. It was extremely difficult to make friends at the college I attended because of the high commuter-student enrollment. Simply having a smile on your face and saying “hi” to someone you pass in the halls will make you seem more approachable. Everyone is going through this together, so make sure to try talking with anyone you meet.

2. Take an initiative to meet people.

This is where a high D personality can come in handy. You can’t always follow the crowd. Sometimes you have to lead yourself to your new friends. Whether that means leaving your comfort zone to go to a party or simply starting a conversation with the person sitting next to you in class. Use every opportunity available to you.

3. Get involved in something.

This is perfect for anyone, but especially S personalities so they can show off how people can rely on them and share a common interest. I didn’t feel like I truly belonged until I joined some extracurriculars and took on my first internship. Try and join something that piques your interest. Whether that’s a job, a social or political group or Greek Life. You’re bound to find something you enjoy doing that will lead you to lasting friendships.

4. Start a study party.

If you tend to be more quiet and focused on school, you may have a C personality. Use that to your advantage and study with others. I tend to study in silence best, but that wouldn’t stop me from trying to share a table at the library. Even making that small step can help make friends easier. And the best part is, you and your new study buddy can keep each other accountable. Want to make it more fun? Pass around a stack of flashcards or study along to some fun music.

We hope these tips help you get into the swing of things. If you’re still in need of some tips to help ease your way into your school year -- check out How to Combat Homesickness.

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Written by: Nicolette Pizzuto

Nicolette loves bringing conversational topics to readers to inform them about their own DISC personality traits. She also enjoys yoga, hiking, spending time with friends, and utilizing social media to find the perfect place around town for a trendy photo-op. Personality Style: I