Successful Coaches Know How to Hire Applying DISC to the hiring process

Successful Coaches Know How to Hire

Many coaches who feel confident providing business expertise in sales, strategic planning, and growth but are reluctant to venture into hiring, despite the impact hiring can make in each of these areas. Could DISC for Hiring be the missing piece of your puzzle for success? Effective hiring strategies can have an immediate and long-lasting impact on growth and productivity. Many DISC Certified Behavioral Consultants are tasked to manage the hiring process of their clients, or at least provide advice for the best fit (especially for top management positions). As you are probably quite aware by now, and from your training with PeopleKeys, DISC system is one of the most effective ways to gage human behavior and develop improved communications amongst teams. It’s effective for operations and sales, and it’s definitely effective in predictive hiring processes.

While DISC has been around for a very long time, not every business knows about it. Therefore, not every business knows how to implement DISC and this can be one of your major tasks as a business coach. Having extensive knowledge in DISC for hiring could be a major advantage to those who decide to employ it.

Let’s take a quick look at the four main personality types and realize how these particular drivers can be implemented in better creating, developing, and positioning teams for success. Mind you, both 4D and DISC-based assessments can also be conducted on your overall team, where we will gain much deeper insight as to:

  • Who your employees are.
  • How your employees think.
  • What your employees value.
  • What hidden passions your employees have.

You can gain the same insights for your potential hires too. As we delve into the positioning of personality traits we might want to consider positioning the following types, based on their individual behaviors in any given environment:

The managers and negotiators.

The D-type personality will be amazing if put into an area of task-oriented, time-sensitive execution. They drive hard deals. They maintain budgets. They keep things simple. As anti-social as they can be, they are also the glue that will hold each project together and make sure that everything remains ahead-of-schedule. Teaming up with “I’s,” they can develop short-form marketing copy, impactful and convincing. Teaming up with “S’s,” they can steer sponsorships, strategic partnerships, and structured program materials. When teaming up with a “C,” they will know the facts and be able to keep everyone else on-task, holding everyone else accountable for what they may or may not be doing right. While the “I” is the natural motivator, it will be up to the “D” to keep everyone moving as the campaign progresses in order to reach each milestone and objective. With “I’s,” the “D” will touch the core of each team member and manifest vision with result and flexibility. They are assertive and take the emotion out of campaign strategy for more effective action throughout.

The influencers.

These people of I-Personality are going to be front row and center in any social-related activity. This means social branding, public relations, campaign messaging, interaction, and the like. They are going to be the face of each campaign; presenting thoughts and ideas while influencing decision-making. They are going to encourage clicks, likes, shares, and conversions. They naturally know what people want and how to communicate with them. With the “C’s” help to better understand each audience, they will be on fire and will create the ultimate marketing message! Teamed up with the “S,” they will be sure to minimize slang in various regions and stay in compliance with local regulations, varying policies and procedures.

The sustainability keepers.

The S-type persona will hold all the clues as to how the brand is perceived. They will be the glue behind the customer experience, customer service, and ultimately the satisfaction of the overall process. Teamed up with “C’s” they can maintain an amazing sales funnel, find out where customers are having difficulties going through sales process, where they aren’t sure about the product or service, and why they don’t return after their first interaction. They grow trust for the brand, cultivate loyalty, and build on-going client relations. They demonstrate consistency and value the customer’s experience just as much as their own. Teamed up with “I’s,” they create a friendlier atmosphere, and with “D’s” they maintain stability. They work alongside other “S’s” in harmony to get the job done and maintain the company mission.

The analytical types.

The C-type personalities should be put in charge of analyzing content, traffic, audiences, etc. They should find out what is working and what isn’t working for the brand in helping gain more clientele. They can be placed in charge of developing surveys, roadmaps, market research, and focus groups. Teamed up with the “D,” they can be put in charge of budget spending, allocation, and the reach of advertising campaigns. “C’s” can cover the details while the “I’s” can be creative.

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Written by: Jessica N. Abraham

Jessica is passionate about “people” and helping them to evolve professionally. Her “I-style” personality trait has led her to 15+ years of service to public relations, social branding, and design strategy.