The DISC Styles and Their Favorite Fireworks

The DISC Styles and Their Favorite Fireworks

Here in the U.S.A., we are approaching our Independence Day celebration, which means grand displays of fireworks! Since everyone, worldwide, celebrates special occasions with fireworks, we thought we’d have a little fun this week and compare the DISC styles to the colorful sky bursts which await us. See if your style matches with your favorite type of firework:


Those with a prevailing “D” Style tend to be direct and to-the-point. “Ds” don’t mince their words and want the bottom line on matters being presented to them. Their decisiveness bolsters the team’s confidence and points them in the right direction.

Favorite firework: The “Thump” or “Salute” is simply a shell shot into the air which explodes with chest-shaking force. It commands focus, is short and to-the-point, and not much for showy sparkles. Even if you know it’s coming, it is sometimes still quite shocking!


The “I” style is enthusiastic, optimistic, and not afraid of the spotlight. They encourage team members, keep group environments positive, and love the social side of work. These folks make the workplace enjoyable and we love them for it, even if they may not be the best with detail.

Favorite firework: The “Girandola” is a spinning firework which climbs into the sky, shooting effusive sparks in every direction while producing a high-pitched whistle. Clearly, this holds everyone’s attention and lights up their eyes as it dances up into the night sky!


Those with an “S” style are what we like to call the “rock” at work. They are reliable, understanding, and calming. This stability reassures the team as new challenges arise. They are the glue which holds a team together.

Favorite firework: The “Chrysanthemum” is a globe-shaped firework which bursts from the middle and shoots bright stars with soothing trails. Sometimes, at the end of the trails they turn a different color and remain in the air for a few seconds, painting our faces with the soft glow of contentment.


Finally, the “C” style is one who is meticulous, organized, and highly focused. They are excellent researchers and use their deep logic to bring order to random pieces of information. Their creativity and problem solving are solid contributions to a team.

Favorite firework: The American flag firework (or any firework which explodes into a picture, such as the Mona Lisa), which takes a massive amount of forethought and precision to design and build an explosive that, when it detonates in the air, creates a vivid representation of the flag (or Mona). This detailed pyrotechnic is a fine way to wrap up any American Independence Day celebration.

Just like each show is made better by the variety of fireworks, each team and organization benefits from the variety and understanding of DISC styles. Maybe we didn’t get your favorite firework quite right so feel free to share in the comments what your style and favorite fireworks are. We wish you a safe and happy Independence Day with your friends and family, and we hope that the “rocket’s red glare” and “bombs bursting in air” will provide you with a fun ending to the day!

Happy 4th of July!

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Written by: Michael Dattilio

Michael Dattilio enjoys focusing on the interactions of parts in any system, be it a team, a process, or an organization to help create simple solutions to sometimes complex challenges. Personality Style: D