6 ways to build your coaching network offline

6 ways to build your coaching network offline

There are many approaches a coach can apply to expand their coaching network. In addition to gaining online visibility and creating content for different digital channels, there’s no better promotion than that earned through word-of-mouth and referrals. As a Certified Behavioral Consultant, you may and must network within the community and establish yourself amongst people who may already be familiar with your previous career, reputation or history. Depending on your personality style and your internal passions, this type of awareness is up for interpretation.

Start a class to meet new people, who want to learn from you.

The Influential I and the Steady S-type personas would be excellent in this capacity. They are great at working with and motivating others, while proving as a source of knowledge to new business owners. Your students will either become clients, or hire you to consult within their companies. Some people charge for their classes, while others provide introductory courses free of charge.

Pro-bono work

Participating amongst local and national non-profit organizations will be beneficial to any of the personality types because one can participate at any level of hierarchy, within any niche, and amongst any community in which they feel most comfortable. You could be of service to a non-profit, as a D-type (for example), you could lend your services to the executive board, many of which are well-connected in other industries and will pass your name along out of gratitude for the services you provide.

Working with small businesses

Provide your services to the Small Business Administration (SBA) or perhaps the local Chamber of Commerce. Before aiming to connect with huge companies, network with new or small business owners who could use your services right now. The C-type personality coach can support the local SBA, providing introductory training and consultation to new hires. Not only will you earn their respect, but you will become the most trusted advisor they know. Years down the road, you will still be earning referrals for a business you help take from 0 to a few million dollars – just by providing a little bit of insight and a whole lot of expertise.

Professional associations

Professional associations work just as well as online networks do. There are a number of international professional coaching associations, as well as recognized coaching teams, in which you can get involved. Being part of a network can translate into being part of a larger brotherhood. You will find many opportunities to promote your business and/or cross-promote with others just by being connected. You will earn clout and credibility, ultimately earning a more solid reputation amongst core audiences, and depending on the organization – you just may become the go-to in your specific field or area of primary interest.

Support a charity or a cause

No matter your personality type, support a charity or cause that you believe in. By supporting others in the community, they will support you back and you will gain public visibility for doing so. You will be networking while showing you care for your community and offering professional support along the way. You will be earning social acceptance and your reputation will be reflective upon the activities in which you engage. Essentially, you want to build a pipeline while building trust and credibility. Showcasing your credentials will help you do so. Starting within your community is not such a bad place.

Professional development & credibility

Become accredited. Another way to build credibility is by gaining accreditation by professional institutions, such as PeopleKeys. PeopleKeys offers a number of credentials, which will help you to better establish yourself within the professional community. We provide courses on behavior analysis, sales, business development, and business-related partnerships. We have bilingual courses available for those looking to serve more diverse audiences. If you’re interested in learning more about how we can help you reach your goals, don’t hesitate to check all of our training courses today!

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