How Newborns Change your DISC Personality

How Newborns Change your DISC Personality

Fall has finally arrived – and so have those babies we’ve had our watchful eyes on all year! There may not have been a baby boom, but it sure did feel like there was. Didn’t it? Your sister had a baby. Your neighbor had a baby. Your co-worker had a baby… even you and your wife had a baby!

And diapers aren’t the only things about to change. Our personalities change through life experiences, and like our newborn family members, we tend to look at the world totally different. Things we thought were once important just seem to be trivial anymore.

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If you’re a “D” personality

You may find yourself wanting to control everything. You feel you are that baby’s lifeline and he depends on you, so it’s no wonder you wouldn’t trust anyone else to make decisions on his – or your – behalf. You want everything to be right and to keep your little treasure happy, safe and protected. You’ll also be impatient. Your baby may show early signs of advancement, and you’ll want to run with it. You will expect more from your baby from the beginning. You’ll want him to surpass all of his milestones early, but, remember, he’s a baby… and walking at just five months is unreasonable.

If you’re an “I” personality

Just like all the other parents, you’re all about your baby. But your baby is the superstar. You will find yourself distracted from life, talking about your baby to just about anyone who will listen.

On social media, it’s non-stop posting and pictures galore. You share every little milestone with your friends, family and co-workers, and yet you’re missing the small details that really seem to matter. Just like the “D” type, you, too, want to hurry the baby along. You love him so much that you want him to hurry up and talk already, and while unrealistic, you’re most likely trying to coach him along – just so you can say you did!

If you’re an “S” personality

You wear the “mom-bun” well, and sweatpants and “holey” socks never looked better. You question whether you’ll be a good mom, when the irony is that you already are! You stress over the minor details and worry yourself sick. You’re terrified every time the baby begins to cry. You’re constantly looking for what you’re doing wrong, you’re not realizing everything you’re doing right. “S” personalities also keep taking care of all other family members, pets and even neighbors as they just want to make sure everyone around them is happy and satisfied. Doing this, you need to remember you’re the most important pillar in the life of this newborn, so take time to take care of yourself too!

If you’re a “C” personality

You already have his school picked out and know what he will be after he graduates college. You have analyzed his kicks in the womb and just know he’s going to play soccer. You already have the mom van picked out and what he’ll wear on the first day of school. Remember, however, babies are unpredictably human. Nothing ever goes according to plan. Be careful not to be so caught up in the planning that you miss what he’s constantly unveiling. We also suspect that you probably have more than a plan “B”, “C” and so on to “Z” in your head!

The Takeaway

Yes, our lives are constantly changing, but they’re changing for the better! Stop worrying too much, and stop overdoing it. As you both grow, you can embrace this time and analyze your faults – on the road to becoming a better person.

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