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Using DISC to Navigate Arguments & Misunderstanding

Posted on 2019-05-08

People who work with families and couples know the damage which clashing personalities can cause. Certified Behavioral Consultants know DISC well as a tool which provides valuable expertise for navigating these clashes, especially when they result in misunderstandings. Relationships require each party to make communication a priority, and communication extends beyond the words people say to each other and into non-verbal cues and body language. Using DISC, anybody can learn more not only about communication but also about interpreting what is said between the lines.

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Effective DISC Personality Approaches to an Organized Home

Posted on 2019-05-02

While some people may have a natural tendency to become and stay organized, others struggle to maintain a balance. The good news is that understanding DISC has universal application and is not limited only to the business realm, but can help you in your personal life too. Knowing your personality style can help you accept the approaches that work best for getting your home in order. People who understand their dominant personality type or combination of traits can rely on their strengths for better results in achieving their home organization goals.

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Four Lessons We All Need for Personal Growth

Posted on 2019-04-15

Some of the most valuable lessons we learn in life are not brought on by school or work. We learn many lessons through personal exploration. Each of us is nuanced and unique, but each of us also has a personality style we may not be using to its full potential. That’s where DISC theory comes in.

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